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Bible - the rotten foundation of false religions

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posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 10:05 PM

...The repentant sinner, having acquired the knowledge brought to him by Christ, was obliged to follow only this way, never swerving from the course, - be always and everywhere no less than Christ, what none of his "disciples" (apostles) and fellow-travellers never did. They merely and simply did not understand their Spiritual Teacher - because of their obtuseness, with total lack of moral-ethical slogs of their Faith and Dedication to Him. All Christ apostles are just funny and rueful parodies on spiritual disciples.

They distorted a teaching of their Teacher, having practically understood nothing due to their stupidity, obtuseness and greed, in any of its forms and manifestations...

...Out of all the plays going on the planet now, the mission of Christ (besides verification in practice of the falsity of "The Way of the Penitent Sinner" theory) was to show that the wrong religious education preaching racial supremacy of a God's chosen nation carries the seeds of its own death, - because of the rigidity of construction in percepting the world and due to misundertsanding of the truths picked up from everywhere, but not realized the hard way, through personal experience. For all five books of Moses - is just a continuous conglomerate made up of such wisdoms, without their real comprehension, and with an addition of priests' phantasies which turned everything upside-down. For Moses himself had never reached the Enlightenment. That is why everything that was and is happening with the followers of the Bible and Christianity - is a consequence of the rotten foundation, which brought forth all the existing mischiefs of thermonuclear, ecological and social catastrophes. The Religious Path, short as it is in the Earth conditions, can not be an easy, sightseeing tour, and no one has the right to peddle Christ's ideas and ideas of other religions without their true understanding.

Have a pleasant reading!

Vitalij Polonskij
translator of the site
"Earth - the planet of biorobots"


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