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PETA and the moral issues of a vegan diet

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posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 07:39 AM
The PETA people are a bunch of screwballs.

They tried to pay a town in NY to change it's name. The town of Hamburg refused the offer. For real.

As far as the hormones on the food, I am against that. We have no idea what it could do to us and the livestock in the long run. Dollars over safety scares me.

Everytime I have seen PETA people on TV promoting their cause, they make themselves look unorganized and ignorant.
I watched a fairly long interview with a PETA spokesperson on CNN. The spokesperson was a rich woman with a toy-poodle on her lap who giggled at every question and failed to provide any info. She also could not answer most basic questions.

I think PETA is more of a social club.

That being said, I do agree with their basic rule. That there should be some kind of guidelines with regards to the protection of animals.

But they way PETA goes about trying to achieve this is laughable most of the time. More people would listen to them if they presented themselves in a more serious manner........instead of running up on a runway and spray-painting a model's fur-coat or stripping down naked in public to protest fur.
It gets a quick mention on the news, but rarely is the message really heard or remembered the next day.

[Edited on 2-3-2004 by Facefirst]

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 07:42 AM
Loved the comment about plants being easier to catch and clean, hehe....

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 10:21 AM
In my little rant on PETA, I forgot to address the "moral" aspect of the first post.

All food on this planet needs to live and grow.....all of it. So it is impossible to inject any kind of moral standards into the situation. You get into the debate of which life is more important? A Dolphin, plant, a microbe?? I think the vegan diet is a hypocritical approach.

I really do not see the benefits of a vegan diet....we are by nature omniverous! If we can digest it, we will eat it. We have K-9 teeth! Good for tearing up meat and ruffage!

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