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Dreams that come true - truly prophetic? How to discern?

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posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 12:02 PM
OK, so I have been having dreams that stay with me when I wake...and then shortly later come to pass in reality, or come to be true in some way. Usually within a matter of a few days of dreaming.

Now, they do not specifically come true exactly like I dreamed, however something specific and profound in the dream does stay with me when I wake, and then comes true or to be true.

I do not profess to be psychic or have any special powers, and admittedly I have a rich fantasy life, and have always enjoyed dreaming when not actively lucidly fantasizing, but I always know the difference between fantasizing, dreaming, and reality- I assure you.

I do love remembering vivid and interesting dreams, especially emotional or sexual ones, because they are more realistic than fantasies, and intense, however in all my recall of my dreams when I wake before, my dreams have just never been ...well...prophetic...until now.

Argh! This is all so ambiguous isn't it? I just don't want to sound (too) crazy. I just want to know if this is something others have had, something that comes and goes, something I can develop, etc. I just want to know what some of you think, can advise, etc.

I know dreams are very symbolic often, and I know sometimes, you have to glean deeper meaning from what happens on the surface of the dreams, BUT in soing doing you can mislead yourself, but other times...I just dream things that come true with or without interpretation-so what does that all mean? If I'm not leading myself, but am actually led to know something by a dream...then what?

Please tell me. Can I harness it? Can I trust it? Should I use it to tell others things I know that affect them? Should I keep my mouth shut? I mean, how do I know which ones are actually truly prophetic...until they actually come true, yk?

That is my biggest deal-the problem I bring to you. They've been coming true...or telling me something that is later verified, but how do I know, or learn to discern dreams that are actually prophetic before they come that it is more useful? To me or others.

posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 12:19 PM
:shk:I wish I had the answers myself.I too have dreams like this. However I always dream vividly, and not all of them are true prophetic dreams. I haven't been able to tell which ones will come to pass and which will not.It just happens.Wish I knew how to control it.I have had dreams that came true 2 years later.Hope someone else has the answers for both of us.

posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 12:59 PM
Well, I have always been a vivid dreamer AccessDenied, but not prophetic in any real way or shape until now. I've had dreams that have later, even years later, caused what I'd consider a sense of deja vu because of them and the length of time it took for it to happen, as well as experiencing true spontaneous deja vu, but this is different...and if it's a 'use it or lose it' type of thing...I want to exercise it as best as I can.

Here are two examples of my dreams-one without any obvious meaning on the surface, and one with obvious meaning:

I dreamed I was in a hotel room with a few guys and we were going to jam a bit. I had my guitar, but it was out of tune and I can't tune by ear, didn't have my elec tuner with me, etc so this other guy was going to tune it for me. Now, I don't even know who these guys were...but one really resembled Jerry Garcia, I only mention this since he's dead.

We were discussing some show we might do, but I was backing out, didn't want to, but I did want to too...but I don't know what it was...not like an audition, or a talent show, but not like a paid gig was all too weird and I felt ill prepared, and I was thinking no way, not me...I'm not ready, I can't even play...what in the hell am I even doing here to jam with these more experienced musicians in this room...I can't even tune my own damn guitar!

But they were saying they needed me, didn't want to do it without me...said it was the plan...but then my sister and mother appeared in the open doorway...and my sister was reminding me it was Sunday...and I was late for church, and my mother didn't say anything...she just nodded disapprovingly at me, like she knew I'd end up here, instead of church or something... and she followed my sister down the hallway and out the door of the hotel.

Then, as I sat wondering what to do, I was overwhelmed with want and need, and guilt and desire and anxiety and feeling I failed people or would either way, no matter what choices I made, or what I did that day and then TWANG-SLASH! The Jerry Garcia dude totally broke a string that whipped across the guitar at me.

Now, what did it all mean? I don't know...but I wondered when I woke and pondered parts of the dream, things said, feelings I felt etc...and feeling like the guitar stringing snapping was very....symbolic...but more...there was something else dynamic about it.

Then, about a week later, I pick up my guitar to soothe my soul, and take a break in my day just to play-though I really can't play. It was out of tune. Way out. I thought of my dream instantly because I hadn't played since before that dream. So anyway, I grabbed my tuner and began to tune...I thought, I picked, I tuned...I thought, I picked, I tuned...then suddenly I snapped a string. I don't know WTH happened-never ever happened to me before-and it whipped across my hand and stung...and immediately I thought of my dream again and my string breaking and twanging across my hand while Jerry was tuning it for me.

Now...I'd have to dig deep and go into too much detail about my life right now for you to see it may or may not have meaning, but it felt like it did, figuratively and literally-that string stung! But I will use this as an example of something that didn't have obvious meaning.

Something that appears more obviously a prediction of sorts is that I dreamed about the city in which I was raised in Arizona. As it often has been lately in my dreams of it, it was very different. A bit surreal, and dilapidated in a futuristic sort of way. Think Batman meets Transformers. It was even starting to snow-in Southern Arizona mind you- as I was leaving. So just your normal kind of surreal dream.

I went to a bank/store/airport building with a cafe outside- you now how strange dreams can be, but suddenly my dream wasn't so surreal, and I saw a woman and a man I know from NY where I now live-with a new baby. It was now sunny and I stopped and spoke to them briefly, admired their new baby, and sat across from them having a drink, then went about my way...then my dream resumed it's surrealism and morphed into a new direction.

When I awoke, the dream stayed with me strong, especially seeing that couple in it with their new baby and having none of that be surrealistic or dream-like. They have a 13 year old mildly retarded boy, but no baby...I figured they were done...but it kept nagging at me, and I thought maybe I'd ask her about it when I next saw her...and instantly when I thought that, I knew when I did ask her, I'd know for sure she was pregnant-I already did know. Then I wondered, do I tell her? Then selfishly I thought, 'Yeah" to confirm my dream and this feeling I know she is pregnant for myself.

So, sure enough, when I next saw her...I walked up to her and feeling a bit rude, I discreetly and quietly asked "Are you and Bill done having children?" She stopped in her tracks and had a doe in the headlights look, and hook her head "No" and smiled and kind of nervously asked why I was asking.

So, I took a deep breath and explained I had this dream where in the middle of it, she and her husband Bill appeared in it and they had a new baby. She looked shocked-and happy. I could tell by her reaction, what I already knew, and what I knew she was going to tell me.

Indeed, though no one knew it, she thought she was pregnant, had an appointment in 3 days to see if she was. She had been artificially inseminated, and no one knew.

I told her I knew she was going to tell me basically the same, confirming my dream, just like I knew I had to ask her, and tell her about my dream.

She took the dream and my need to tell her about it as a very good sign, but was trying not to get her hopes up and see it as a prediction or something, and said she'd let me know about her Dr appt. Yesterday she let me know it's been confirmed-she is pregnant. I am still the only one to know, and was the first to really know thanks to my dream.

It's stuff like that, you know?

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posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 01:32 PM
Well I honestly don't know what to say about the guitar string, but here's something even more freaky for you.Yesterday my son was tuning the guitar he gave to my daughter and you guessed it- string snapped. Never happened to him before.Don't know what to make of that. As for the pregnancy dream well that was obviously prophetic. I think people have dreams like that alot but just don't remember them. I believe only you can decifer the symbology of the guitar dream as it applies to your life. I wish I had dreams that were just simple things like that.Unfortunately, most of mine are of natural disasters, accidents or deaths. I have had dreams for years about a post armageddon world, and existing in it with my family.I hope it never comes true.I also hope you have no pregnancy dreams about me- 8 is enough, and I'm about to be divorced. Not good at all. HAHAHA


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