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POLITICS: VT Nuclear Plant Plagued With Security Failures Under Howard Dean

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posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 06:41 PM
For the eleven year span of 1991 through 2002, when Presidential hopeful Howard Dean governed the state of Vermont, the state's nuclear power plant repeatedly failed security tests in spectacular fashion. The planet, Vermont Yankee, was even named the worst in the country by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

In August of 2001, a mock attack was staged at Vermont Yankee to test its security. Three (fake) "terrorists" easily gained access to the secure areas of the plant.
Ten years before that, a group of students "on a tour were taken into a secure area without checking through security first,'' wrote one of Dean's aides in a memo to the then-governor.
Between the two events, numerous security failures were reported, including:
-Reports of declining performance in plant security, safetey assessment, and other areas
-Nuclear fuel mishandling accidents caused by "complacent operator and management actions"
-A fake gun made it through security and into the plant
-Another mock terror drill resulted in the security perimeter fence being scaled, undetected, six times
-A 1998 protest where protesters gained access by scaling the fence and rafting down an adjacent river

Dean has recently accused President Bush of being weak on homeland security. In response, the Associated Press gathered documents related to Dean's handling of the Vermont Yankee security concerns during his term as Governor of the state. link

posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 11:55 PM
How can this man, who is running for President of the whole United States, be seen or viewed as capable of sustaining or insuring America and the American peoples security when the "Vermont Yankee" reactor was considered to have the worst security rating of any nuclear reactor facility in the whole freakin' US of A?

The media this past week (if anyone hasn't noticed, there have been 4-5 separate articles addressing 4-5 different concerns/issues) has really started 'focusing' on it a sign that the media is getting worried over this guy? The sad part is, the man is not even close to being in the 'fire,' as Lieberman was quoted saying..........
The closer to election time, the 'hotter' the scrutinizing will become.


posted on Jun, 5 2010 @ 05:20 PM

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