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US Air Force’s Project Pounce

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posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 01:32 PM
what is US Air Force’s Project Pounce....?

Mr. Copetas and I went on to discuss various reliable sources for the
information that certain major corporations have profited from their monopoly on extraterrestrial technology, which they have then back- engineered into human copies. I told him these sources would have to
include: Colonel Philip Corso, US Army, Dr. Michael Wolf, NSC’s Special
Studies Group, Dr. Jack Shulman of American Computer Company, and
Colonel Steve Wilson, US Air Force’s Project Pounce. The question in my
mind which now arises is: Is next month in Davos, Switzerland going to
be when disclosure of the seeding of top Fortune 500 companies with
Star Visitor technology will occur?

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