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This Threads All Metal All The Time

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posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 11:51 AM
Witchery - Plague Rider

Witchery ft. Kerry King - Witchkrieg

Witchery - Conqueror's Return

Witchery - Born In The Night

posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 10:41 PM

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posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 08:18 AM
Naglfar - The Perpetual Horrors

Naglfar - I Am Vengeance

Naglfar - A Swarm of Plagues

Naglfar - Black God Aftermath

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 07:20 AM
Enslaved - The Watcher

Enslaved - Ethica Odini

Enslaved - Havenless

Enslaved - Path to Vanir

posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 08:19 AM
Five Finger Death Punch - "Lift Me Up" (featuring Rob Halford of Judas Priest)

Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?

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posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 08:03 AM
Immortal - All Shall Fall

Immortal - Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)

Immortal - Tyrants

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 10:52 AM
Satyricon - King

Satyricon - The Pentagram Burns

Satyricon - Fuel For Hatred

Satyricon - Black Crow On A Tombstone

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posted on Aug, 14 2013 @ 01:05 PM
Leaves' Eyes - My Destiny

Leaves' Eyes - Melusine

Leaves' Eyes - Meredead

posted on Aug, 15 2013 @ 07:20 AM
Crematory - Revolution

Crematory - The Fallen

Crematory - Left The Ground

posted on Aug, 16 2013 @ 10:50 PM
Just some absolutely superb metal from one of my favorite bands.


Across the desert sands and deep into the briny sea
Take ourselves to the limit
To the threshold of our wildest dreams
Our desire knows no bounds
All the treasure we must have
We want it! We want it!
We stake our rightful claim

Rise to the challenge
For glorious triumph we claim
Men of Fortune
We accept spoils or death

To the ends of the earth
Men of Fortune we are
All the glory we seek will be ours
No limitations, to the danger we scorn
Men of Fortune will always go far

No challenge is too great
No object to hard to obtain
Scour through the oldest ruins for the relics
That would bring eternal wealth
We've always been prepared,
Adventure found at every turn
Boldly moving forward
So our names will live on through history

[Solo: Hagberg]

To the end of the earth
Men of Fortune we are
All the glory we seek will be ours
'Til the end of our days
Men of Fortune we are

[Solo: Hagberg, Clark]

Rise to the challenge
For glorious triumph we claim
Men of Fortune
We accept spoils or death

'Till the end of our days
Men of Fortune we are
All will know of the legends we made
Through the ages our stories will be told
Men of fortune for evermore

posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 01:35 PM
Samael - Slavocracy

Samael - Luxferre

Samael - Rain

posted on Aug, 23 2013 @ 12:05 PM
Atrocity - Pandæmonium

Atrocity - Fade To Grey

Atrocity - Clash of the Titans

posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 09:24 AM
Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrosm

Inquisition - Desolate Funeral Chant

Inquisition - Astral Path To Supreme Majesties

Inquisition - Hymn For A Dead Star

posted on Aug, 24 2013 @ 09:46 AM
link at Waken 2013 , full concert.

The guy in the crowd at minute 52 is awesome.

Danzig..How the Gods Kill

Just saw Danzig and Doyle last week and what an awesome show... Having listened to him in some form over the past 30 years , Samhain is my preference, he still brings it..Plus I am a huge fan of Johnny Kelly from his Type O Negative days. Anyway..this video is the classic lineup: Danzig, Eerie Von, John Christ and Chuck Biscuits..Doesn't get much better than that...

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posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 08:55 AM
Nargaroth - Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River

Nargaroth - Sommer

Nargaroth - A Whisper Underneath The Bark Of Old Trees

posted on Sep, 5 2013 @ 08:45 AM
Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Enshadowed - The Dual Hypostasis Of Nihil

Enshadowed - Northbound

Enshadowed - Grande Threaten Of Being

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 08:58 AM
Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Elegy

Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Forsaking

posted on Sep, 7 2013 @ 11:15 AM
Decrepit Birth - The Resonance

Decrepit Birth - (A Departure of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil

Decrepit Birth - Solar Impulse

Decrepit Birth - The Living Doorway

posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 09:16 AM
Ceremonial Castings - Midnight Deathcult Phenomena

Ceremonial Castings - Into The Black Forest of Witchery

Ceremonial Castings - Immortal Black Art

Ceremonial Castings - Obsidian Spells of Hysteria

posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by mojo4sale

Some newer stuff...

Cultes Des Ghoules (Henbane) Full Album

Horna (Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa) Full Album

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