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What's mainstream media up to now?

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posted on May, 2 2007 @ 04:53 PM
Today I watched the news CNN and Headline News channels and they were showing the protests where the peaceful Protesters were shot with rubber bullets and a smiling journalist made the statement that dissent is patriotic.

Of course I agree with that statement, but up until lately the media has not reported on how badly the protesters are being treated and sometimes have avodied not even reporting anything at all on major protests around the country.

Several comments were made about how the protesters were being treated wrongly by the journalists. In the past all I heard was these mainstream media channels having only pundits saying it was unpatriotic to protest in a time of war, unpatriotic and not supporting the troops and now they are sitting there smiling making statements totally different than what they have done previously.

While I am glad to see a change I am having trouble figuring out what exactly woke them up to see the truth? It also makes me suspicious of their motives, this is a complete 360 degree from what I have seen them do in the last ten years. What's up? Anyone know why all of a sudden they are reporting differently? Am I the only that has noticed the difference?

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