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C2C Listeners Video of Bees struggling to fly

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posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 06:56 PM
Just a short clip showing some honeybees struggling to fly, the listener says that they appeared to be reacting to an airborne toxin.
I am beginning to wonder if the "chemtrails" have anything to do with this.
Just a thought.

Coast 2 Coast Link

Coast listener Larry shares this video of bees dying (slightly graphic) in a grocery store parking lot. About the video Larry writes: "On April 16, Doris and I were leaving a local grocery store, when I noticed a bee. I was glad to see it, until Doris pointed out that all around us there were bees trying, and failing to stay aloft. The parking lot was covered with them. Most were struggling to crawl, or regain their feet. It was truly heart-wrenching. On our way to our car, we noticed that there was a whole swarm dying at our feet. I got out my video camera, squatted next to my car, and took some footage of their struggles. To us, it seemed that the bees were reacting to an airborne toxin."

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