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How did World War 2 really end ?

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posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 06:06 PM
I got interested in this topic when I read about a German U-boat (U-862) voyaging to New Zealand in 1945. In researching that I learned that Nazi Germany was shipping uranium oxide to Japan from late 1943 for Japan's nuclear program. Then I learned that two days after Hiroshima was bombed (according to US Army intelligence files) Japan succeeded in test blasting their own A-bomb on an island near Hungnam North Korea.

Conventional history has it that Germany never came close to developing the A-bomb but my research discovered otherwise. That allied bombing, betrayal by SS leaders in negotiation with Western allies and perhaps Hitler's short sightedness about support for the project hampered the Nazi A-bomb.

Then one discovers that a skull dug up at Berlin's Ulap fairgrounds in 1972 which was proved by DNA to be that of Hitler's deputy Martin Borman, none the less was caked in red volcanic soil. Now hands up who can tell me where the nearest volcano is to Berlin, where the soil is a light sandy colour?

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 07:56 PM
Red volcanic soil is somewhat vague. In essence all igneous and metamorphic based soils such as granite gneiss, schist, as well as those soils derived from igneous and metamorphic parent material are in essence volcanic soils. So could you be a little more specific. Munsell color notations, texture, etc. as well as the specific horizon from whence this material is derived would all help us in figuring out the specific place you are talking about.

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 08:31 PM
It is hard to be specific because whilst the skull was witnessed and photographed caked with red soil, testing of the soil was forbidden by the Bormann family who had the remains cremated and it's ashes spread at sea.

What is known from the forensic investigation of that skull in 1973/1974 was that there was Post War dental work. There were also teeth lost which were known by Bormann's wartime dentist to have been intact in April 1945.

The sockets of those missing teeth (avioli) were grown over by bone growth which would not have happened had he died in early may 1945.

There were credible sightings of Bormann in Chile, Argentina and Paraguay up until 1960. It is said that he died in Paraguay in 1958 from cancer.

At the end of WW2 Nazi nuclear and rocket scientists were taken to England where they were interrogated at a manor house known as Farm Hall. The rooms were all deliberately bugged with hidden microphones prior to incarceration. Transcripts of conversations were made and have been published.

General Walther Dornberger, original head of the V2 rocket project was recorded in a summary telling another general that he and Werner von Braun went to Lisbon in October 1944 to negotiate with two representatives of General Electric Corporation about the surrender of Nazi nuclear and rocket scientists to the United States. This would have been a treasonable act yet it must have been sanctioned at a very high level for these two men to do such a thing.

Who in Nazi Germany knew of this ?

What became of SS Lt General Dr.Ing Hans Kammler (subsequent head of the V2 project) last seen in Prague 27/28 April 1945 ?

On that night a Junkers Ju-290 aircraft is known to have flown to Barcelona Spain. So what gives ?

What really happened to conclude WW2 ?

posted on Sep, 17 2012 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by sy.gunson

So you got Germany had so much uranium that they were shipping some to Japan.
That sure sounds like they were desperate.

Well I go for the researchers or people that say Germany had some ready atomic bombs.
Germany subcontracted the bomb making to another country.
So where did they go?

US and Nazi intel may have been working out end of war details for some time.
Lets try some links:

The Nazis, who attempted to develop and use the flying saucer during the war (called "Foo-Fighters" by us, "Fireballs" and "Flying Turtles" by them), were unsuccessful in developing appropriate weapons for it until too late, and finally traded it back to us during the stalemate of 1945, in exchange for amnesty for numerous persons (including many war criminals), and for other concessions and guarantees (many of which are too numerous or incredible to mention here).

I think there are some Atomic bomb workings as I mentioned above.
In Germany's quest for free energy and trying to defeat oil, oil won as a simple summary
only in what seeming has the affair ended up as we sit here today.
ED: As far as Mr H not being counted among the dead might have been protected by
the saved technology interests and of course free energy interests.
See where Lyne thinks Von Braun once in America made a bee line for the vaulted works
of Tesla to continue his most secret work.
Ed+: Lyne has some end of war scenario including offshore subs and missiles which
may have been more than vaporware at least to the intel services eager to wrap things up.
Special capabilities kept so secret Lyne says the US found out years later and went
hunting for more secret technology.

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