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a humble opinion on aliens...

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posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 05:37 PM

see my friends.. we humans believe in what we see! what we touch! hear! we always need a proof that something exists in order to admit the existence of this "thing" ..
the word believe means "know".. we need to know in order to believe, so if your friend tells you "last night i was flying.. not on drugs..and with no mechanical parts involved.. i just elevate and for real. like birds do! and i flaw from texas to paris and came back in 20 minutes".. what you know determines weather you believe or not.. if you know your friend is a "liar" or he/she has a powerful imagination, mostly you won't believe! (i'm sure you won't).. but if you know your friend hardly lies then you'll invsitigate things further, by either asking him "are you ok?" ... "did you fall on your head?" ... many many ways you'll either end up thinking your friend is a lunatic. or simply choose not to believe him and leave his diagonstic to a professional... bottom line is, in order to believe your friend you need to see him, then mostly you'll believe and question your earlier beliefes that "humans can't fly without a second party help! such as an airplane"...

why did i choose this example? because it's the same example that would be applied on aliens!... "i saw an alien yesterday"... people who saw aliens would lean forward to hear my story and if my story match their story, they'd believe me! and people who do not believe in aliens in the first place, they won't believe me no matter what i do! unless they join me in that exprience...

hummm... do you know what does that mean my friend? it means believing in things is sometimes stronger than what you believe in! if you believe in things... the power of your beliefe might bring those things to life! ofcourse if you keep believing you have a BMW parking infront of your house you won't have it without working for it or having a rich family.. but a BMW is different! because it's something you can buy! something you saw before! something you know that exists! ..

i'm sorry i just jump between subjects and examples.. what i am trying to say is very simple.. WHAT IF.. and ONLY... WHAT IF.. a certine groupe of humans want you to believe in aliens! and even give you some "eye candy" and give you some "evidences" from time to time to enhance your beliefe!..

what do they gain? simple! they can do expriements on you.. and what did you see incase you saw something? an ALIEN! you are a LUNATIC to those people who wear robes and "believe" in what you see! and ofcourse there are support groups that support your "abduction" story.. and here you go! you are the next Travis! and for them? you are just a controled human who might have god only knows what inside your body.... and ofcourse incase you saw one of their advance aircrafts you'd say... a UFO!! and they ofcourse won't comment because they don't want to "scare the public"...

suggestive thinking...remember.. the best trick the devil ever polled...

ps: please excuse my spelling mistakes, english is not my first language and i do not have a spell checker on my PC, thank you.

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 06:51 PM
The statistacal probability that my friend would see an alien/ufo are so much higher logicaly than that he flew to paris flapping his arms, that it wouldnt be irrelivent to believe the previos.

We know that humans cant fly on their own, we dont know if aliens/ufos exist, this alone puts your theory in doubt.

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 08:28 PM
i'm sorry if that example stops my theory from being understood, my first example (about the friend who says he was flying), was to explain the very basic mechanisim in which we choose to believe or disbelieve "paranormal" events that we didn't participate in.. so even if you say a human can't fly... i'd say one word ... telekinesis or TK as some might refer to it... in where you can practice self levitation or/and teleportation.. i'm not here to discuss psychokinesis but i hope my point reached you... thank you.

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 08:58 PM
That's a very interesting thought my friend.

I also wouldn't doubt it for a second if my government were to do something like this. I have no intellectual input/criticism on this, but theres my opinion.

posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 09:23 PM
What I really, and I mean Really don't like about the whole UFO scene is the lack of consistency. If there are alien abduction support groups, does that mean they experienced/saw the same things? UFOs seem to come in virtually all shapes in the universe, no help there. I've not yet once seen a UFO that looked like the ones I saw. What gives?

Seeing isn't believing any more, not for me at least.

posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 02:50 AM
i don't think people would relay only on seeing to believe or disbleieve, but they'd love to exprience the thing/object they saw and examine it ... i did not say it's not possible for aliens to exist, as this would be insane according to the Frank Drake Equation ... but if you have creatures that can travel FTL and reach our planet... won't these creatures be smart enough not to be caught on digital photography or cameras? no cloaking mechanisim of any kind? no galactic protocol in which creatures with technolgoical advantage are forbidden to interfere in matters of creatures with less knowledge? yes yes exactly like you see in starwars and such movies... a galactic council! it won't be that easy for aliens to simply pop up on our planet without "cordination"... dear, aliens and UFOs and Extraterrestrial myths are something.. and evil governments is something else..

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