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Genetic and Epigenetic Theory

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posted on Apr, 28 2007 @ 12:07 PM
According to classical evolutionary theory, phenotypic variation originates from random mutations that are independent of selective pressure.(The so called Darwinism) However, recent findings suggest that organisms have evolved mechanisms to influence the timing or genomic location of heritable variability.(Intelligent Design Theory) Hypervariable contingency loci and epigenetic switches increase the variability of specific phenotypes; error-prone DNA replicases produce bursts of variability in timesof stress. Interestingly, these mechanisms seem to tune the variability of a given phenotype to match the variability of the acting selective pressure. Although these observations do not undermine Darwin’s theory, they suggest that selection and variability are less independent than once thought.

So after a short introduction on a newly developed theory , I would like to post it up here for you guys to give ur ideas an thoughts. To me it seems clear that they linked :Evolution and Intellegent Design Theory !!!! It seems to me that we can now give an answer to that impossible reducable thingy to.

I would love to post a link to the original paper , thing is it aint online yet ! I got it up here written down on some notes i made in dutch about it . Going to post it in English soon up here for u guys to get educated on !!!

These are sure cool times to live in we have found a planet close to ours about (20,5 lightyears) , we are on de break of commercial spaceflight and now we have a pretty much al explaining Theory-combination on Evolution with no contradictions in it. And im sure the list of breaktroughs wil make a jump our lifetime we never saw en never gonna see again in history ! If some of u guys flag it this great news will soon hit the frontpage

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