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Why Humanity Will not Make It

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by antar
Speaker of truth, remember "This too shall pass", you sound as if you are moving into higher realms of your quest for truth, as long as you keep moving what else can happen? Stay the course and don't let the evil take you away in its sinister plan. Remain vigilant and true to your calling, you never know when your master will call on "you" next. It is ok to feel the way you do and to process here is healthy, there are alot of people that look up to you and your wisdom. Don't fail them or yourself with doubt that is here today and gone tomorrow. Remember the strongest souls will be brought in at the last days. Take a break, kick off your shoes and walk! Pray with silence and become filled with the everloving energy that WILL prevail. I promise!

Antar, very,very good post.

I get into moods once in a while where I view anything I or anyone else tries to do to help as futile. It just seems that mankind is approaching a slippery slope that it may not be able to re-elevate itself from.

I really appreciate your kind hearted post,Antar.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by uberarcanist

Humans are tougher than rats or cockroaches. If we can survive the black death, we can survive anything.

Really? Cockroaches have been here a hell of a lot longer than humans and are likely to be here when we are gone. Your post just indicate to me... well, it just indicates to me that you are not very familiar with the historyof species.

posted on May, 9 2007 @ 12:11 AM
For someone who claims to be a speaker of Truth, you seem to be unaware of the spiritual awakening that is going on, very clearly, on this planet, in a return of Truth to this realm (Im not being judgemental I really am not)

But look, the Indigo and Crystal children, with all their greatness, would not be incarnating on this orb in such vast numbers if this planet and the species was doomed for destruction. Its just ludicrous.

These advanced souls we call Indigos, Crystals, Lightworkers, I dont care use whatever name you want, we are here for a reason. To bring TRUTH back to this realm, and that TRUTH is that the human race is destined for greatness, and that we have to experience the "school of hard knocks", in our evolution into a civilized galactic society.

The Truth is, and you know this deep down in your heart and soul too, the human race is gonna make it. We are destined to rise out of limited consciousness, and graduate to the higher realms of awareness of the ONE TRUTH THAT IS GODS CREATION.

We are not doomed to failure, God has a plan for us, and yes this plan is going on as we speak, it is the awakening of a species. You cannot deny the fact that there is a vast awakening going on on this planet right now, your political leaders sure notice it!

The Truth is out there, but its also within YOU. You are connected to God, this is the Truth that is rising again in the consciousness of humanity, and thru your God-Self, you will know the Truth. Follow your intuition, follow your heart, follow your gut. You KNOW humanity is good and we are gonna make it. Do not doubt yourself and your species, do not give up, we are going to make it brother! Do not doubt! Know it in your heart, and you will be helping to make it happen.

Again, we are going to make it, like the mighty Phoenix which rises from the ashes, bigger and stronger than it ever was, humanity will rise from our ashes.

There are many times in peoples personal lives, where things seem completely hopeless, and they are overcome with despair, and think theyll never make it thru the negativity. But, we always do dont we, and we always make it through stronger than we were before. To give up and give in to negativity is WEAK. We need strength, and we will make it through the darkness.

Know it.

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posted on May, 9 2007 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by LightWorker13

The Truth is, and you know this deep down in your heart and soul too, the human race is gonna make it. We are destined to rise out of limited consciousness, and graduate to the higher realms of awareness of the ONE TRUTH THAT IS GODS CREATION.

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As I stated in my initial post, I generally have been a proponent of that idea too. However, when I look at the world today, I am starting to think that any thought that humanity is coming upon some great awakening is a bunch of bunk.

posted on May, 9 2007 @ 02:09 PM
Let me ask you a question LightWorker. Do stories such as this imply to you a humanity that is heading towards enlightenment?

I have actually seen the video of these guys killing their own flesh and blood just because she "dishonored" the family. That is not indicative of enlightenment but a devolution into ignorance.

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 02:02 PM
Mankind can be truly deplorable most of the time. It's just our nature. we've always been like that and we probably always will be. We'll all die in the graves we've dug for ourselves while the extraterrestrials laugh as they watch from comfort. No ones going to come save the human race and whisk them off to another world because everthing we touch turns to #.

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 02:13 PM
Sloth, well,
that seems to be the prevailing logic. I personally think that the only way that humanity will ever survive over the next hundred years or so is if there is a total collapse of the present world system, which, I personally think is going to occur.

It will be a new system where if you don't know how to raise your own food and such, you won't survive. There will be no more of the technological luxuries that people seem to not be able to live without.

Despite the benefits of technological "progress," it, in all honsty, has been more detrimental to the human condition. All we do is use it as methods to destroy the planet and ourselves.I honestly think that sooner or later, it's all going to come to a screeching halt.

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 05:29 PM
Speaker, hi

I've not read the entire thread, so if this has already been said, my apologies.
I find that looking at any part of the homo sapiens sapiens history is looking at bloodshed. Unsurprising really,when we claimed top of the food chain, that's not a pacifist action.
Now the nature of the beast is not nice, we've established that.

So, we've been killing and looting ever since someone else had something we wanted. Any change these days?

I think there is, yes if you look for atrocities you won't have to look far, however, there are many people who don't think of that kind of thing as a normal everyday thing.

To my mind therein lies the difference.
An idiot may be born every minit, but a lot of people start questioning things, hence this website.

Death From Above or A New World isn't about to happen (be it by the intervention of angels insects or gods)
But maybe we'll learn a little something by actually living a little more as a species

I've no great hopes, but hey

we may even become good at living

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 06:25 PM
Mirror, I suppose there is always hope... I certainly am not quite ready to throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. However, sometimes I am quite tempted. Thanks for the reply.

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 07:28 AM
Optimism? After all the crap that goes on in the world, all the evil deeds which no-one could stop, all the innocent victims who have fallen...

We can still see that its wrong. People in the world will still come to the aid of those in dire straits whenever they can - the heroes are not all dead. And despite the tragedy and the loss, society carries on - still baring its scars of antisocial behaviour, crime and wrongdoing - and never gives in to the anarchy that threatens it night and day. Communities remain intact - though horribly mutilated by evil - and the innocent, unpolluted ones that survive it all with their bodies and souls undamaged live on.

The cause for optimism? Even as our society degrades, the innocence lost by so many remains alive in the few who hold it dear. And while it is still alive, we can learn from those who possess it, and bring our nations back from the brink of cultural fall. There is still hope.

Oh, and the secondcoming/judgement day/release from the matrix/all that other stuff people believe in to get them through the worst of times - there's that too.

posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 11:15 AM
speakerofTruth your right humanity will not make it. look at us were destroying the very place we live in. were killing, raping, and abusing each other everyday. were fighting wars to see whose god is better and to take resources from each other. even after all this we humans say were the better then the animals that we share this planet with. but do animals kill each other just for the fun of it. no they dont they kill to survive we dont. we cant even get passed the primal instinct of breeding were practicly breeded the race to extinction. we even have people living on street corners because were to selfish to help them. enless we as a race learn to get along were dead. how hard is it to help people
but there will always be people who hide behind religion, money, power, etc. maybe we all deserve to die. I just hope we learn to get along before its to late.

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 11:28 AM
People they should of just let the nazis win in the first place, because that is where we will end up.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 12:46 AM
Nice thread Speaker. I for one believe that all the garbage we deal with is a test that only makes us stronger and more evolved. I have been blessed with a wonderful life and although I am currently fighting to overcome microchip implants that were put on my person against my will, I still believe that creation is a thing of beauty and that I can only grow from my experience. I also believe that humanity still has the capacity to overcome our shortcomings and continue to evolve. I suppose you could say I have faith.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 01:14 AM
There is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy and perhaps we are delivering on the prophecy as a result of our attitude and actions.

There are days when I am as you are ‘speakeroftruth’ full of despair and foreboding. We are surrounded by war, famine, despicable behaviour and the never-ending clash of religious fundamentalism.

We are losing our ability to control our environment and our future or so it appears. Perhaps however we have manifested this situation because of our lack of faith and doom and gloom attitude. Perhaps we can also change it with a change of attitude.

Yes I did read The Secret. But what have we got to lose

For every adversity there is the seed of equivalent or greater is up to us to find it...

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 02:34 PM

Originally posted by Anubis_4400
maybe we all deserve to die.

Anubis, maybe we do. I haven't given up completely. I just think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by andy1033
People they should of just let the nazis win in the first place, because that is where we will end up.

Andy, I often wonder if we'd be dealing with some of the things that we currently ae dealing with if the Nazis had won. I don't know, maybe it would be something different, perhaps worse.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by gobildygook99
I am currently fighting to overcome microchip implants that were put on my person against my will,

There was a microchip implanted in you against your will? Have you had it removed?

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 12:29 AM
I have been in contact with Dr Leir by email and was told to get an x-ray, I will be seeing my doctor this week in order to get a referral. You can check my postings to get more of the story. I did not wish to distract from your thread with my problems. Thanks for the interest though, haven't had too many interested people from my postings. I haven't had any luck finding any help with this except for Dr. Leir's response. It took me a long time to accept it myself. I would have never believed it if it hadn't happened to me.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 12:37 AM
its not the whole of humanity, throughout the years even since the beginning there have always been a group of people that have used fear and greed to control people. if these people were shown to the public and shown justice then maybe we could slowly start growing into a great race.

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