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Interesting 2 part dream

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posted on Dec, 31 2003 @ 11:35 AM
This a two part dream I had a few weeks apart from each other between the span of December 2001 and January 2002. I would like to know other's perspective on the meaning of them.

In the first part I was driving a bus down some dark dirt road. I continued driving until I reached some large steps. I tried driving up the step but got stuck halfway up. Then the dream ended.

Then there's part 2. It began with me chasing away a spider like creature that was attacking a group of people in a bus. After it was gone, the group got on the bus and one of them drove while I hung off the left side of the bus. We began driving down a dark dirt road. A bus coming from the opposite direction caused me to have to jump off the bus I was hanging off of so I wouldnt get hit.

I jumped up onto a high beam that was in front of the my bus so when it drove under me I could jump back on. While I was up on the beam I look around and realized where we were travelling. We were travelling through the ruins of an ancient civilization. It was still dark outside so I wasnt able to see that far in the distance.

As my bus passed under me I jumped on the roof of it. We soon reached the large steps which I now realize is the steps of a huge pyramid. We make it halfway up and again get stuck. But this time I wasnt alone. The driver of the bus and I got behind the bus and pushed it the rest of the way.

Once we got to the top the bus and the others dissappeared, a I was standing there in front of an open doorway. On each side of the doorway were 2 massive statues that had the body of a human but the head of a cat. Both were wearing Egyptian type armor and carrying a spear.

After making my observations a finally walked through the doorway and into the greatest dream experience I ever had. As I walked through it felt as though I died without actually dying. On the other side it was a completely different world.

The ground was made of absolute pure white light. It was daytime and the sky was pure blue with absolutely no clouds or even the sun in the sky. I looked around at all the people and noticed that everyones clothes seemed to consist of only light. And each person also had an white cloud like entity with a face floating above them.

The group that came with me started to gather around me. They all seem to be children now. I began teaching them how to use energy through their hands. I held my hands in front of me and made a red beam come out of my right hand and an orange one come out of my left hand. Both beams met and swirled around each other like dna.

Then I showed them how to create energy bubbles. I made a purple one with green swirls and the surface of it had a soft peach fuzz feel to it. Then I turn my right palm towards the ground and made a small energy tornado. As I slowly turn my palm upward it float into my palm and turned into a purple, green, and gold strand of dna.

Then I started teaching them how to float. It seemed I was the only one there that knew how to do these things. Then the background started fading away as I was saying "this is how you float".

Then the dream ended.

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