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Iraqi Parliament Bombing...things dont add up

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posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 10:45 PM

Earlier today, in fact early this morning I was awake when news of this first first broke out, a bomb exploded inside the Iraqi Parliament building cafeteria, while parliament members where eating lunch.

I think the casualties go something like 8 dead, including 2 MPs, 23 people injured, these are conservative numbers at best.

The Iraqi Parliament is located in the heavily fortified "green zone" in the heart of Baghdad. The "green zone" is the most heavily defended area in all of Iraq. This "green zone" is where American politicians, military generals and other foreign dignitaries, come in and out when they come to Iraq. John Mccain was over there a few weeks ago.

Now, I find this event has alot of questions that need to be answered.

When the news first broke out, a CNN correspondant in Iraq reported that a bomb went off, they dont know any details yet. Minutes later, they come out with well we heard from someone that they think it could be a suicide bomber. They think it could be one. No shred of proof, no nothing, just on the word of one person who didnt go on camera, we dont even know if anybody said anything.

Next, within seconds, the news was reporting "suicide bombing in Iraq parliament" as if it was the whole hearted truth, they were even describing how the bomber pulled it off.

Lets talk about that for a second.

Now how did this bomber, if indeed it was a suicide bomber, manage to pull of such an amazing thing like that. Lets look at the details.

Now, from what Ive seen, the details according to CNN description, which have no idea of the accuracy, but this is what the news says. The bomber traveled a basically impossible path, hear the details of this.

The bomber would have had to snuck through the streets of this "green zone" with patrols and guards on every street.

He wouldve had to sneak past 6 checkpoints, with bomb sniffing dogs and armed guards at each one.

He wouldve had to sneak past X-ray machines and metal detectors also at all of these checkpoints, remember there are 6 of them.

Just to get into the Parliament building he wouldve gone through armed guards, unless he somehow snuck in threw a window. But, there are also security cameras covering the entire "green zone" so the monitors mustve been out for lunch.

Once the bomber got into the building...he wouldve had to still sneak past bodyguards and everyone basically, because a stranger without a pass would automatically be rounded up if spotted. So the bomber manages to do that, get into the cafeteria where all these heads of state are eating after a meeting, and blow himself up along with others, for reasons yet to be explained.

I mean, for god sakes, talk about Mission Impossible. This is like something out of a video game, and he passed the level on the first try. This is completely ridiculous and defies all rational logic.

I also think the media, or more specifically the people working at the news stations at the time events happen, dont make the proper checks and balances before claiming something as news, and as fact. There is no proof to support any of these claims, its all speculation, and quite frankly insults the intelligence.

That is my opinion on the official story of this event. I have no idea what mightve happened, or why, but I am saying this story we are given is just completely ludicrous.

It only seems to me, that whoever wanted to bomb that place mustve had inside access to it. Thats what Im saying, there is no way a sneaky bomber caused this event. No way.

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by LightWorker13
It only seems to me, that whoever wanted to bomb that place mustve had inside access to it. Thats what Im saying, there is no way a sneaky bomber caused this event. No way.

This appears to be the case, someone who had access, a bodyguard of a sunni MP is alleged to have carried out the bombing.

Interestingly enough, on CNN this morning the reporter in the green zone was saying there had been a huge problem with high ranking officials intimidating the security guards, doing the usual "Don't you know who i am" routine.

Unfortunately this is a worldwide problem. In all areas of the military and business you get the hierarchy stomping on through a security setup that has been installed for thier benefit, just because they think they are special.

This is probably just one of the many reasons for this security lapse though, last reports on CNN say they are questioning two of the kitchen staff.


posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 03:42 AM
There are so many reports on people unwillingly dieing, because they didn't even know that they are carrying a bomb. In my opinion, this is again an US inside job. Read this:

More reports of US special operations planting ' suicide ' bombs in cars

March 18, 2007 and
First reported in English by

An American sniper on the roof of one the buildings in Ahdamiya eighborhood opened fire on a small bus, the bullet caused the burning of the bus.
The passengers who were traveling with the bus [a family] and the driver, miraculously managed to escape the fire.

Iraqirabita tell a story about an Iraq interpreter working in an American military base was sent to the city by his bosses to by computer hardware, he took the car but he stopped by friends. He got suspicious because the Americans call him every now and then asking him if he already in the market, he parked the car in the middle of nowhere and answered yes, few minutes after that the car exploded. The guy left the country after that to Turkey.

That's just one of too many stories...

Stopped at an American check point

Stopped at an American check point
They were stopped at an American check point and were asked to dismount.
An American soldier climbed on the back of the pickup truck, followed by another a few minutes later, and thoroughly inspected the tomato filled plastic containers for about 10 minutes.
Haj Haidar and his grandson were then allowed to proceed to Baghdad.
A minute later, his grandson told him that he saw one of the American soldiers putting a grey melon size object in the back among the tomato containers.
The Haj immediately slammed on the brakes and stopped the car at the side of the road, at a relatively far distance from the check point.
He found a time bomb with the clock ticking tucked among his tomatoes.
He immediately recognized it, as he was an ex-army soldier.
Panicking, he grabbed his grandson and ran away from the car.
Then, realizing that the car was his only means of work, he went back, took the bomb and carried it in fear.
He threw it in a deep ditch by the side of the road that was dug by Iraqi soldiers in preparation for the war, two years ago.
Upon returning from Baghdad, he found out that the bomb had indeed exploded, killing three sheep and injuring their shepherd in his head.
He thanked God for giving him the courage to go back and remove the bomb, and for the luck in that the American soldiers did not notice his sudden stop at a distance and his getting rid of the bomb.
"They intended it to explode in Baghdad and claim that it is the work of the 'terrorists', or 'insurgents' or who call themselves the 'Resistance'.

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 12:00 PM
I would have to agree.

There are also so many stories of Iraqi policemen or of other people working with the occupiers, of how they were told to go with a car to a place where people were gathered, to try and get info on the resistance, aka the "insurgency", they get out of the car to go call their ppl, and the car explodes, killing dozens of people..

To be honest, I never believed for a second there was an actual civil war going on. Sunnis and Shiias used to live together in relative harmony before this occupation, that is a fact, they intermarried and interbred, the difference between them was no stronger than the differences between protestant and catholics, before this whole thing started.

I mean Ive read so many stories of them bombing mosques, then handing out propaganda leaflets around the area saying how this Sunni group did it because they hate you, this Shiia group did it because they hate you.

I think the people who are forming policy for the Occupational Forces are inciting civil war so they dont have to leave, why did they start building permanent bases the first minute they marched into Iraq?

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posted on Apr, 13 2007 @ 02:36 PM
Heres a video of the explosion and it's after effects.

Video showing Iraqi Parliament bombing

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