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If there is intelligent life in the universe it wouldn't care about our existence.

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posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 08:28 PM
Thinker: Would intelligent life on other planets really want to visit us? Or are there actual intelligent beings on our own planets that are in correspondences with our government?

I am not discrediting or discounting all of the people here who believe that UFOs exist and that try to prove their existence through numbers constantly but is a very highly unlikely possibility that these extra terrestrials would ever want to come into contact with us.

There is no reason to believe that aliens will land a massive invasion force on Earth because they don't want it because there is nothing to take. Why would people be saying that they would come, when this is a barren wasteland?

There must be another planet in this universe that has the ability to sustain life, regardless of how far away it is, there should be some equation to figure out how much chance life has of existing on some planet, but if we exist here, there is no doubt to conceive of another planet existing.

People should not think that they may communicate with us by radio waves. There is a highly unlikely chance that they will communicate with us through radio waves because they have primitive technology, and they may have advanced technology to communicate with other beings. They could be telepathic, and they could be communicating with me telling me to write these words on ATS as we speak, or they could be initiating contact between you and me on this site, and telling you what to think and mind controlling what you're doing so that you'll say a response which will get me farther from the truth.

They have their own hidden agenda, if they exist, as they say, but I do not think that they do. Aliens are said to be super powerful, exist in many numbers, and have ships and crafts. These crafts can be mistaken for military crafts, and other crafts.

I do not see why they would come to us to contact us. Perhaps they see that we are at the pinnacle of evolution and that they must stop us, before we nuke the Universe and create another big bang and end the multiverse.

Or, perhaps you could say that if they were to contact us, they would tell us to stop threatening to nuke each other.

I'd like for someone to provide real pictures and give a detailed explanation of what the craft is shaped like and how it works, and that they can locate each of the parts that make the craft work, so that they can prove its existence.

I don't want some i-beam causing a contraversy. They could create an i-beam with random letters and symbols and you could make your own language. It's easy, all you need is a simple of coding, written laws for your grammar, and your set.

That's my hypothesis on why I think intelligent life may never visit our planet, if it does exist.

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