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The Holy Grail

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posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 05:36 PM
I did a search here, but didn't find much. And what I found was mentions of it in a thread of a different topic.

I really like to hear theories, legends, etc. on this subject. I have seen the Discovery Channel special, and read some internet sites, but I'd like to hear some of your opinions, as well as any links or book titles you may know of.

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 06:45 PM
link's in our midst, today, here on earth, the subject of a massive cover up over the centuries, something which has been protected by a chosen few for years!

there's loads of stuff on the internet about it. Very interesting to read about.

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 06:46 PM
Lord of the Rings!

Tolkien knew!

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 07:16 PM
Does anyone here have any theories about whether the grail could be in a chamber under Rosslyn chapel in Scotland ?
If not the grail then any ideas about what is there.
I think I am right in saying that there is a chamber that is unopened and permission by the owners has been refused.
Please correct me if I've got that wrong
It is a subject that my brother-in-law has an interest in and any information would be appreciated

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 07:29 PM
Pantha i remebered a old thread here on the board on rossalyn chapel took me a while but i found it..

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 07:46 PM
It's a fairly late Christian legend, first arising in the 1200's and associated with the Arthurian legends.

Here's a few paragraphs from the "Straight Dope" Column:

Nelson, we need to get with the program here. The Holy Grail is an invention. It turns up in works of fiction. Some of the works in question are classics, notably Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur ("The Death of Arthur," c. 1470), in which the Grail--reimagined as a symbol of mystical union with God--is the object of the prototypical knightly quest. The notion of a quest for a talisman of incomparable value still fascinates romantics (and not a few screenwriters) lo these many centuries later. But the object of the quest, to some extent then and certainly now, is little more than a McGuffin, to use Hitchcock's term--a pretext that propels the story. You might as well search for Excalibur, or for Frodo's magic ring.

A few things you need to understand about the Holy Grail. First, notwithstanding the impression you may get from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it's not necessarily the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Though commonly depicted as a chalice or as the dish holding the Paschal Lamb, in some accounts it's a cauldron, a philosopher's stone, or an emerald struck from Lucifer's crown as he plunged into hell.

Interest in this Christian urban legend ran high at various times -- most recently thanks to the Indiana Jones movies.

Here's the facts from the Straight Dope folks.

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 07:49 PM
thanks for that real deal, I'll stick that thread in my favorites and show it to my bro-in-law when I next see him. There is some fascinating reading there in deepwaters post and quite a few links to check out.
thanks again

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 07:57 PM
Thats ok pantha..If your bro-in-law is into that stuff get him to read this thread aswell

posted on Dec, 27 2003 @ 08:05 PM
The Holy Grail is a subject which can be debated to no end. If you are intrested in learning about the Grail you will find that you will need tto read up on everything from the Templars, Philosphers Stone, Bloodlines of Christ, Solomens Temple so on and so forth. The Holy Grail has been connected to more locations and persons than any artifact I can think of. No one realy even technically knows what the "grail" is. If you are intrested in the Holy Grail I suggest reading a book called "Holy Blood, Holy Grail". I then suggest doing your own research and reading up on Roselyn Chapel, templars, masons, temple of solomen, arthurian legend and whatever else you find that is conected to the artifact.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 01:49 AM
you should read ancient secret science by laura knight jadczyk she connects the grail to the great work of the alchemists and perseus and jesus and south american stuff and egyptian and other history, it's very good

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by VeeTwin
I did a search here, but didn't find much. And what I found was mentions of it in a thread of a different topic.

I really like to hear theories, legends, etc. on this subject. I have seen the Discovery Channel special, and read some internet sites, but I'd like to hear some of your opinions, as well as any links or book titles you may know of.

According to a book i read called "The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail", The Holy Grail is most like the offspring of Christ. Its a great book but damn annoying. Too many french words, and not swear words either 'smirk' sorry, had to add that in.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 10:53 AM
wasn't it said that the holy grail was a wood bowl/drinking cup? or atleast that's one of the theories of the holy grail. the reason being for this theory is that christ did not believe in material possessions, being as humble as possible, the usage of precious metals would be a hypocritical stance on his message towards the poor and humble. I remember watching somewhere that this bowl had been found, i forget exactly what country, but the reason that it is kept hidden now, is that when people would drink out of the bowl, they would bite pieces of the wood, and due to the multiple times this had occured, about a quarter of the bowl had been chewed away. But the legend has it about this bowl, is that those that had chewed the pieces of the wood, were healed. I believe that it was history civilization, that did a piece about the holy grail.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 12:47 PM
That's right Sapphire. The Holy Grail is the sacred blood, the union of Jesus and Mary, passed down through the centuries.

It's obvious why this has been shrouded in so much secrecy, given the violent and destructive way some people reacted to them at the time, and still do today...especially Mary Magdalene, who's cultural and spiritual relevance has been almost written out of history, thanks to the Patriarchal church's powerful effect and hold on society. Of course, if God were to materialise in human form, it would be obvious to be both male and female. This is the whole essence of the natural law of ying yang - the balance, like night and day. Beautifully elegant in its design.

The emphasis on Jesus alone is where the inbalance of humanity and the planet stems from...why the world is out of kilter....they didn't listen to what he was saying. Only when the feminine, and the divine words of Mary, are recognised once more as spiritually relevant, will balance be restored. Even some of the other disciples found it hard to get their heads round that one.

War and unrest and disease are what happens when the world becomes too obsessed with the masculine and the material. But Jesus had a very strong "feminine" side, and Mary was very male in her thinking, thanks to Jesus' teaching.......hence the perfect balance. Neither sacrificed their essential male or female qualities, they just had both sides in them. The perfect union.

Hitler famously craved the Grail for himself - I think this explains a lot of his actions. But I think it's a bit like the saying "it's easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven". What's meant by this is that, if you focus and put too much emphasis on power, material wealth and evil devious actions, your heart and soul will lack the purity to be in a truly heavenly, happy state. Hitler is the extreme example of getting it all wrong.

It's the most powerful and exciting story never told, and once people learn the truth, their reactions are often extreme. Because they've been brainwashed into thinking its all a story that happened 2000 years ago, rather than an ongoing chain of events. We are all a part of it, and it's all been leading up to now. When you first learn the truth, it's so mindblowingly amazing, it takes a while to get used to the idea!!

Referring to it as a chalice or a cup was just another symbolic way of refering to the Grail without actually exposing what or who it actually is, thereby protecting the secret identity, which has been of utmost importance. It can be revealed, however, if you know where to look. You have to have an open heart though, and a certain purity of spirit.

As more and more people learn the truth of what's happening, the evil in the world and in the human heart starts to subside, because the balance is starting to take hold, and goodness and love will be predominant again. There's no place for evil, war, poverty and misery in the outcome of this story, you see. This is the real axis of evil we are all in the grip of - here and now. George W Bush, and all other power mad leaders, are part of the old way of thinking, and their way of thinking has no place in the new world.

2004 is going to be an exciting year.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 02:09 PM
the holy grail is an ancient science which is to be used by those who are able to transcend into 4th density conciousness when timewave zero comes. It has to do with jesus, and all the heroes. It's been seperated into a singly male hero because of the defeating of the goddess religion and replacement with a male dominated religion. This is symbolized with the ritual combat between horus and set. Set is said to have been represtative the light but he was not he was the supressive male god, the shemsu hor was defeated by the atlanteans and the atlanteans stuck in their benevolent male opressor god, later to be named yaweh.
all the mythologies are distortions of descriptions of the ancient technology. they are just there to disinfomr us just as the media tells us half facts and makes up other things about whats going on in the world. religions took the technology and had it in the tent of meeting, or the temple or whatever, the christian religion now choses to call it the ark.
In the beginning the shiloh priests(possibly shemsu hor) had the ark in the tent of meeting and anyone could come in and see it and use it to become closer to god, then this Aaronid priest named Phinehas comes along as see whats going on in the temple as evil and he acts against it. It was said the act allowed Phinehas to impale the two people who were doing it. Sounds like sex to me. Maybe this is when love was removed from the public eye? anyways after Phinehas does this it is said that the aaronid priests took control over the ark and the tent of meeting, and from that point only the approved priests were allowed into the temple of meeting. I think this may also have been a symbol that whatever moses was officiating in the tent of meeting would not allow people to be controlled the way the priests of yaweh wanted. It is quite clear that, if the tent of meeting was being used for ritual intercourse, Moses was not a person who was representing yaweh.

ok so all that rambling was to show the origin of the grail being hidden from us. it starts waay back then

jesus was trying to tell the people of the ways of the grail, he was successful with the few whom followed him, however during his time most people in the organized jewish faith and whatever else thought his lil cult was evil.... well atleast the priests and rabbis told the pople he was evil "don't think for yourself" type stuff, just like we get now. They don't want us to be ready for the transcedance, so they can continue to control us on earth. But they should be more worried about stopping the catastrophy, HAARP just won't do it i don't think

The holy grail IS within the sacred blood, the blood of those whom are souled.

the [grail] is within you and it is all around you

man must fast from the world if he is to find the [grail]

[Edited on 28-12-2003 by banjoechef]

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 02:40 PM
From a non christian standpoint... I thnk most are wrong about the nature of the grail. People seem so caught up in religious symbology that they don't question it enough.
The grail is a device. Left behind by the visitors that our modern religions now worship as "god" this device has the power to make us all immortal, but the few in the know refuse to share it with the rest of the world.
Thats my theory.

posted on Dec, 28 2003 @ 05:33 PM
Mary Magdelene continually shows up in just about every subject regarding Biblical History. Usually, it is mentioned that she was an integral part of that History, but was "written out" due to the negative implication it would have had on Jesus' life.

Not that I don't believe any of you... I really am curious. Can you offer some proof?

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 02:57 PM
monty python and the holy grail = genius

posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by GeniusSage
monty python and the holy grail = genius


posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 03:17 PM
Was it not written by the Masons?

I might be talking about something else, but I was told to read it by an elderly man quite some time ago.


posted on Dec, 29 2003 @ 11:13 PM

Originally posted by ZeroDeep
Was it not written by the Masons?

No. It was first written in the 1200s by troubadors.

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