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Stargates, Wormholes and 2012

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posted on Mar, 16 2007 @ 11:42 AM
I wasn't sure where to put this, so don't be too harsh if this is the wrong forum for this post.

I am currently reading the book Cloak of the Illuminati by William Henry.

The book discusses many aspects of ancient civilizations and focuses on religion and secret meanings.

One of the main focuses of the book is wormholes and how the ancient Maya were thought to believe that wormholes were stargates to others parts of the universe and/or other dimensions.

It was stated in the book that the maya believed that a wormhole existed in the center of our galaxy and would open up for us in 2012 as we reached the galactic allignment.

My question is, has anyone else read this book, or heard of this wormhole/stargate theory?

What is your take on this?

I'll try to scan a few pages of the book in a few days to shed some more light on this subject if I can.

posted on Mar, 16 2007 @ 07:58 PM
I read a book called "fingerprints of the God's" by Graham Hancock in the mid 90's.

It was a fascinating read and was based around a theory of an ancient civilisation that was the mother of modern civilisation... From what i remember, Hancock claimed that it was this civ that built the pyramids some 5000-6000 years before the Egyptians and the proof of this was that the 3 main pyramids are perfectly aligned to Orion's belt (as it would have looked 12,000 years ago)

He had lots of other theories that where all very interesting until the discovery that Mr Hancock had been a little imaginative with his "proof"

When his data of the Orion's belt/pyramids alignment was investigated by independent astronomers it was discovered that his perfect match was anything but perfect...

And all of the theories that, i thought, Hancock had come up with turned out to be... er... borrowed from other books.

Anywho... He released another book, then another, and more and more... To me it is obvious now what is actually going on... in my humble opinion i think that Graham Hancock is nothing but a enthusiastic amateur who has found a formula to make money and indulge his own personal fantasy's/pursuits.

I now look at most of these "alternative science/history/religion" with a fair amount of scepticism...

Just looking at your books synopsis on amazon made me laugh out loud...

Thousands of years ago stargate technology of the gods was lost. Mayan Prophecy says it will return by 2012, along with our alignment with the centre of our galaxy. This will bring the birth of a new matrix and a new human. We are its elders. Highlights of this book include: Examples of stargates and wormholes in the ancient world; Examine myths and scripture with hidden references to a stargate cloak worn by the Illuminati, including Mari, Nimrod, Elijah, and Jesus; See rare images of gods and goddesses wearing the Cloak of the Illuminati; Find out how to put on the Inner Cloak of the Illuminati; Learn about Saddam Hussein and the secret missing library of Jesus; Uncover the secret Roman era eugenics experiments at the Temple of Hathor in Denderah, Egypt; Explore the duplicate of the Stargate Pillar of the Gods in the Illuminists secret garden in Nashville; Discover the secrets of manna, the food of the angels; Share the lost Peace Prayer posture of Osiris, Jesus and the Illuminati; What the governments view of humanity as a collective hive means to you; The implications of new nano technology on your spiritual growth; How TARA (compassion) will overcome TERROR and bring a new spiritual politics, and stargate technology will bring true PEACE; Experience a new way of understanding ourselves and our future. Chapters include: The Illuministis Secret Garden; Seven Stars Under Three Stars; Manna; The Long Walk; Squaring the Circle; The Mill of the Host; The Miracle Garment; The Fig; Nimrod: The Mighty Man; Nebuchadnezzaris Gate; The New Mighty Man, more.

WOW... now that's some claim...

He has mixed Hollywood movies, religion, science, politics, history and conspiracy theories!

If i was you i would look very carefully at his first claim...

Thousands of years ago stargate technology of the gods was lost

I take it he has offered some form of DATA/Proof to back this claim up? If so i would investigate it very carefully... If not, well you can close the book.

The main problem with these type of books is that they are aimed at us, the uneducated Masses, who have an interest in a certain field but do not have the time to go to university and study the subject (Egyptology/astrology/history etc...) And so books like this offer, not only a short cut to this knowledge, but some unknown secret that will prove all the traditional scientist/historians wrong, making us feel very smug around the dinner party table.

"pass me the wine dear, Actually you will find that the ancient pyramids are over 12,000 years old and may not of been built by the Egyptians. Water erosion on the sphnx and the alignment of Orion's belt with the pyramids proves this"

The table gasps and the host says...

"Gosh you seem to know so much..."

Only problem is that the statement is total rubbish and the only people who could prove it are less than likely to be sitting at the same table as a bloke who reads Graham Hancock books.

As for the whole "Stargate" business... I personally think its all fantasy...

I had never heard of a "stargate" until the film in the mid 90's... Then everyones talking about it... it starts with "wouldnt it be cool if stargates exist" then its... "maybe they did exist once, you never know" and finally... "I think stargates exists and the government is trying to cover it up"

It's how urban myths start and in my opinion you may as well believe in the Chewbacca theory or the X-men. But... thats just my opinion, i could be wrong hehe

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posted on Mar, 17 2007 @ 04:37 PM
I have not read the book, but even if a Worm Hole opened at the center of the Milky Way the point is moot; we would have NO possible way of reaching it with current technology. Much less if it were only to stay "open" only for the time frame of 2012.

I am a firm believer that the year 2012 holds some great importance and also that the Mayans deserve more credit than main stream Anthrop/Arche-ology and science attributes to them. But I personally can not take it as far as the author of that book seems to. Nevertheless I will probably read it anyways.

posted on Mar, 18 2007 @ 10:09 PM
If what most "mainstream" ufo theories assume is true I.E. that the propulsion systems of some UFOs are based around harnessing gravity and thus bending space ETC.... then you don't need a worm hole.... you can simply create one....

And considering that this is probably (if it is possible) the only method of propulsion that curcumvents speed of light limitations ETC.... and subsequently the only viable (if possible) way of actually getting there on time ETC....
(Isn't that 30,000 light years away?)

So you need to create a propulsion system that virtually creates its own "worm hole" in order to get to the naturally forming one......????
Mute point...... I.E. you need to create an artificial worm hole to have any chance of getting to see one that you suspect may be 30000 light years away?........


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