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Killing kids for your cause?

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posted on Nov, 21 2002 @ 09:12 AM
As i woke my kids up for school this morning i turned on the news to find the top story another suicide bombing..While this is not new by any stretch of the imgination..I was very sickned (not sure if that is even a word) by the fact that the bomber picks a bus full of kids...What in the hell does this prove only that he was a coward..If they hate Isreal that is fine then attack Isrealy soldiers..If i was a Isrealy Father who had to fear for his childrens safety i would be armed to the teeth..and looking for vengance..How in the HELL can a cause be furthered by slaughtering kids..i ask in all seriousness..??

And please do not insult me or any one else that reads these boards by saying "that its the only way they can get there message across.."

Have a great day..


posted on Nov, 21 2002 @ 09:59 AM
But where are the Israelis going to look for vengence? How many civilians will they kill in the process?

Both sides are as bad as each other in my opinion. Israel kills civilians and justifies it as collateral damage, Palestine just kills civilians. They are both evil and cowardly and the sooner they sit down and talk around a table the better. The sooner Palestine is recognised as a propler state the better. The sooner Israel removes its illegal settlements the better. The sooner suicide bombing stop the better. The sooner Arafat starts busting the balls of Islamic extremists the better; and the sooner Ariel Sharon gives up politics the better.

But yeah I agree, killing kids is disgusting and it will never futher the cause of a Palestinian state.

This post was a little rhetorical, but I have attampted to give a half-decent reply.

posted on Nov, 21 2002 @ 10:06 AM
I would have to agree that it is unfair and ignorant to blindly place all the blame for the recent violence in Israel on the Palestinians. However, it is equally unfair and ignorant to place the blame solely on the Israelis. It cannot be emphasized enough that the situation in Israel is extremely complex.


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