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Dick Cheney the safe option that backfired ?

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 01:22 AM

Bush stumped just about everyone seven years ago when he tapped the safe and solid Dick Cheney to be his running mate. But Bush didn't want any trouble. He didn't want a Vice President who preened before the cameras. He didn't want a policy sparring partner. And he didn't want someone who would check out after five years and run for President himself. And because Bush got exactly the kind of partner he wanted, he now faces the very problem he tried to avoid

So when he decided to give running for President a try in 1994, he soon realized he was unsuited for the big game. He raised a million dollars and built a good organization, but he found that the little things got to him. His fund-raising dinners, Cheney told aides, "weren't substantive enough." He didn't care to pal around with donors. He therefore called it off and never ran on his own again. This removal from people, from politics, from the sensors that make leaders responsive to people, turned into Cheney's Achilles' heel


The article makes for an interesting read. Although there is a focus on recent events surrounding Libby "scooter" a glimpse at Cheney personality.Someone who didn't like the big game ended up being a VP.

The other interesting point raised is that Bush kept Cheney as his VP when he could have gotten rid of him at some stage.

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