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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 09:24 PM
In regards to events like September 11,
Ive found there are either 2 types of people.

Those that agree with the official line
Those that Disagree with the official line.

Its impossible to be, half way in the two. If your either way in one direction, then you cant possibley be part of the other.

For example,
If you agree with the official line, you cant be 'unsure' about the pentagon.

Myself? I am strongly AGAINST the official line.

So my question is,

If the government is willing to go to the lengths of, implmenting such a radical agender, at the cost of American lives and Economy, what lengths do you beleive they will go to, when their plans starts failing and alternative drastic measures are to be taken?

Like wise, if you FOLLOW the official line,

How confident are you that current events will get better, when the current administration has the ability to make so many, stupendously huge mistakes which result in the deaths of hundereds of thousands, at the costs of hundereds of billions? After stuffing up so badly to miss all the 911 intel, only to stuff again so badly to mess up all the iraqi intel, only to stuff up again in post war planning....
Does it worry you this apparent show of stupidity, and inability to achieve decisions remotley plausable may be brushing off on rogue states?
IE Korea, Iran?

What do they have to fear, the US has stumbled over its feet so many times.. what chance do they have at achieving anything 'sympathetic' to the american way?

Look at Iran,
They are either Evil, or truley mistaken.

If they are evil, do you trust this bumbling admin to make the right 'decisions' this time?
Or alternativley, do you trust them enough to notice a real chance at a peaceful solution, when they are dedicating them selves to war?

Is it just me, or regardless of wether the admin is 'involved' or 'victimised' that the ending result will surely be bad?

Tell me some people have faith in the US to do whats right in terms of Iraq and Iran and not make 'another' stupid mistake, or continue their agender!

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 11:16 PM
Is not just you. We are living in times when the devil is loose in this world and nothing will rectify it.
Remember these words from dgtempe: 'THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS'

Its sad, depressing, but try to live each day as if it were your last...we were born at a time when unfortunatly, we are supposed to live thru all this.
Sometimes i wonder why i was chosen to live thru this

I fully understand your emotions.

I dont know if you pray, but that helps- be close to your family and friends and God bless you.


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