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Barack Obama Tells Blacks To Stop Complaining

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 07:17 PM
Hi thisguyrighthere.

Ive been saying this for years. New Haven has all of these problems on one side and Yale splendor on the other. I happen to live where there isn't any splendor. As soon as I started saying this to neighbors and others in the area guess what happened? RACIST! they shouted. They still shout it. I occasionally get accosted while walking through my own neighborhood.

God forbid I expect people to rise above.
Or is it, God forbid white people expect black people to rise above?

I think it depends on who says it. Eg. Clinton, Bill not Hilary could say something like this and I don't think it would be taken that badly.

I think a black leader like Powell could have said something like that and when he was in league with the Bush admin, it would have been taken badly.

Based on your style on this forum, I think if you said something like this, I would based on what I have seen of your style not really view it in a bad way. I don't know how you carry yourself in your hood though. ;-)

Hi Deus_Brandon.

Society lets anyone say anything especially about tensions that should have never been there. We gave those slaves their freedom ... We should have never given them that power back ... Maybe we need to let the AB come back into existence legally and we will not have all these black people that stand up and shout "RACISTS" at every WHIM !!!

Wow. Like it really depends on who says what. I have read just a few of your postings and I can't even comment.

That's what I mean. It depends on who says what, and how it's said.

I can't even comment.

I think people do need to take ownership for their own situations. Having said that however, I think certain insensitive people have to realise that there are systems in place that are designed to hurt, harm and hinder some people.

I don't mean people who sit on their ass and do nothing all day who bitch and complain. I mean the people who had the drugs imported into their communities by the CIA, so that if their kids weren't using drugs or selling drugs they would have a better chance of doing so.

I mean zero tolerance policies that target young black males. I have read that this is true for Canada and the States. Those are two systems of inequality. So are random stops that happen to certain members of society that do not happen to others, with the same frequency.

I think what I have heard on this board, which has been ignored and ridiculed by some is that people want acknowledgement that these systems are in place still, and are having an impact.

I also think however, if you are black realise that some systems are in place, they are not fair, just or right, but they can be overcome.

The problem is you grow up in a society where you are taught that everything is equal, then you get to high school college and you see that things are not as equal as you thought.

Maybe you get out into the world and you realise it even more. It's painful hurtful, but it's life, and no one is going to help you. You have to take ownership and do what you have to do to over come those systems in place.

Again not to over stereotype, but this is just some of what I have been picking up with the billion and one race threads on this site.

posted on Mar, 10 2007 @ 12:50 PM
Soem systems were built to hold people back .. Such as SEGREGATION ... These haev all been broken now yet, we still have people that want people to basically give them handouts for all of the Segregation that went on ... I guess it is just cause that is the USA for ya ... Go to war then go clean it up ... Screw that ... Hence the ROMAN EMPIRE found out it was easier to go in a CONQUER a nation then try and change it .... just like PEOPLE I am finding out .. It is easier to just kill all the black people then to make them change thier beliefs on Segregation ... We could end it all ... No black people should be fed ... Now this is racists ... and where do you stop ... What abotu the Mixed people ... I guess we could say they are TAINTED to ... and need to be disposed of .... If you guys want racists and are going to ast like its out there .... I can bring it for ya to give ya something to stand on ... You can say from now on ... Deus_Brandon --- gives me my reason for the racists comments .. I am that white person that STARES you black people down every where you go ... And cut in front of you whenever you are standing in line ... and Talk about the blacks in this country ... There goes one now .. I felt his bass out of his speakers that were probably stolen from some white kid at high school that his parents went out and jsut bought him another pair. Any other racists remarks ? I think I am done with the FLARE now ...

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