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Alarming State Of Military Health Care For Soldiers Across U.S.

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 08:55 AM
The United States Of America, the world's only so called 'Super Power', which has spent more than half a trillion dollars trying to usher in 'democracy' for the people of Iraq (Which is one of the stated objectives), has utterly failed to provide adequate health care even for its soldiers fighting a bloody war in a far off land.

Ray Oliva went into the spare bedroom in his home in Kelseyville, Calif., to wrestle with his feelings. He didn't know a single soldier at Walter Reed, but he felt he knew them all. He worried about the wounded who were entering the world of military health care, which he knew all too well. His own VA hospital in Livermore was a mess. The gown he wore was torn. The wheelchairs were old and broken.

Oliva is but one quaking voice in a vast outpouring of accounts filled with emotion and anger about the mistreatment of wounded outpatients at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Stories of neglect and substandard care have flooded in from soldiers, their family members, veterans, doctors and nurses working inside the system. They describe depressing living conditions for outpatients at other military bases around the country.

Way to go America! What a sterling example of Administrative competence and good governance! Is this the way to treat soldiers who are putting their lives on the line 24x7 under the most adverse and trying conditions?

Are American health care standards plummeting to Sub-Saharan African levels due to incompetence and a couldn't-care-less attitude?

But who cares?

Read the full horrifying story here....

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