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Do You Believe in Al Qaeda?

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posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 03:35 AM
As usual, if I should have posted this in 911 Cons. etc and it needs to be moved, then knock yourselves out

First off, a couple of disclaimers. I'm so full of snot right now it's not funny, as a result, I am not as sharp as I like, so forgive me if I go on a now I guess!

Secondly, I am not calling anyone out or peeing all over someone's thoughts/beliefs. I am just putting a couple of questions to the board.

Do You Believe in Al Qaeda?

I know there are plenty of people who believe that 911 was not perpetrated by terrorists. The same is said for 7/7, and the 21/7 plot and all the terror raids in the UK. So, do those people believe that Al Queda can never be much of a threat to us? Do people native to the UK/US, as well as outside of these nations, NEVER want to commit acts of terror on those countries?

Are all terror attacks/plots fictional in your eyes, or are some of them real, like embassies, etc? USS Cole? The UK-to-US flight plot last August? Bali?

Now, I didn't forget, but I wanted to separate this one intentionally. The Madrid train bombings. If it is a grand conspiracy (I have not seen a lot of talk about it being this way, if any), then what was it's aim, the change in leadership that resulted? The new government pulled it's troops out of Iraq didn't it? So how would that have helped the US-UK/NWO? If AQ WAS responsible for this, then why can they not be responsible for the other attacks?

Just to give you my own personal thoughts, I believe in terrorism and I believe all of the above acts were committed by terrorists. I also believe for every attack that has succeeded. another ten plots have been stopped.

I hope I made enough sense today and I look forward to hearing your comments, whichever side of the debate you stand on

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 05:53 AM
Yes I do.

I have posted on this very subject in reply to a post by Syrian Lady who did not bother to reply.

Al Qaeda is Farsi. Literal translation means 'The Base' or 'Our Home', depending on which dialect of Farsi one is speaking.

Al Qaeda was set up by Osama bin Laden in the general region of Tora Bora and was, I suspect, meant to be a secure base from which the Taleban could study religious scriptures, train for military operations, rearm and reorg, all in the apparent safety of the cave system within the mountains.

Taleban is also Farsi. Translation gives us 'One who is seeking knowledge' or 'One who seeks religious knowledge'.

I always liken Al Qaeda and the Taleban to Sinn Fein and the PIRA. They are both one and the same.

Al Qaeda and Sinn Fein spout political claptrap and seek to indoctrinate their followers whilst the Taleban and PIRA carry out acts of terrorism although in the case of the Taleban, they are fighting for an independant homeland, whilst the PIRA and it's offshoots, were merely seeking to remove the British army from Northern Ireland.

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 07:33 PM
If it’s the kind of “Fox News Al Qaeda” where Osama Bin Laden is probably sitting on top of a pile of U.S dollars, inside some underground nuclear complex, facing a nuclear reactor, as mad scientists dancing around it, as they smoke Afghan poppies…
Then NO

But if people say there are a group of Muslim fundamentalists who are so delighted with George Bush removing their enemy (Saddam Hussein), and giving them a reason to recruit and fight for...
That they’re even prepared to die just so that the Republican party can win the election, and so that The Moron of Washington can include a word he actually understands in just about every speech he makes (i.e. “terrorism”.) Then Yes I do believe in AL Qaeda

I just wish Al Qaeda could have helped us out a bit more with removing Saddam, as then less of our troops lives would have been lost.

But at least by killing on religious grounds, they’re helping a president who denies Stem cell research on religious grounds (what a perfect match, they both seem to worship the same entity)!!! They claim he’s god; but isn’t this an open question?

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 03:02 AM
fritz, technically "al Qaeda" and "taliban" are arabic words, not farsi. Might not be an important piece of information in this particular case, but it's a good idea to have all the info. Also, while the Taliban and al Qaeda may have been very close at one point, I wouldn't say they are one and the same thing. Al Qaeda is a worldwide organisation with individual cells all over. The Taliban are a group that are centred in Afghanistan, and who's influence probably does not go further than some places in Pakistan.

Sure, I believe in the existence of the organisation known as al Qaeda. They probably were responsible for what happened in a lot of terrorist plots, but sometimes I get the feeling that their power and influence is being exaggerated to further certain goals by certain groups.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 05:33 AM
It's not innocent ME people putting out jackass movies. Al Q is very real, the members are probably a lot different to media propaganda. Their methods are despicable, their morals are screwed right up, according to western media "they desreve to die". What else do they have left? Remember how the french resistance was portrayed in Nazi Germany? These guys are bad emma effas but in who's perception? US Black Ops would terrorise the tripe out of me if I was on the other team. (insert links to attrocites when suitible rebuttle forthcoming) Men are Men, Women are Women, Childeren are Childeren, nobody belongs on a casualty list as a statistic. WE ALL HAVE RED BLOOD. OUR HUMAN INSTINCT IS TO PROTECT OUR FAMILY. Instead of attacking a neighbour have a big arse BB-Q or TOFU-Q, whatever. Dude, the guy across the table has two eyes, ears, arms, legs, balls, etc as you! They have kids in schools, they breathe the same air, they see the same sky at night! Why do we still fight over this crap?
Things are a lot better in Australia as far as thought for other countries goes, even though I don't support John Howard poltically, i feel he has done the right thing in the ME.

(In Australia arse=ass)

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