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Small Victory in War Against TXU Coal Plants

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:56 AM

Small Victory in War Against TXU Coal Plants

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A judge on Tuesday blocked Gov. Rick Perry's executive order fast-tracking the permitting process for proposed coal-fired plants and ordered that state hearing administrators reconsider environmentalists' request for a delay.
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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 09:15 AM
For those whom are wondering what this is all about, I urge you to read the thread entitled Texans, I'm Madder Than Hell and You Should Be Too!

In a nutshell, Texas Governor Rick Perry fast-tracked (meaning signed an executive order stating that no one could contest the permits) for at least 18 new pulverized-coal burning power plants. This is the absolute dirtiest form of electricity generation, and will add the equivolent of 14 million cars worth of polllution to the already dangerous air quality in Texas.

Over 30 cities in Texas, including Dallas, as well as thousands of citizens and many environmental groups are doing everything in their power to stop these power plants from going through. Even Oklahoma is now getting in on the action to stop them. This small victory is only one small delay, long enough for plaintiffs and more public awareness and outrage to be expressed. Please, if you live in or near Texas, mail in a copy of the letter below (or a modified version of it) to the address provided.

According to what I've found out from the Texas State Department, the only method of protest being lodged is through a hard-copy signed letter with the senders address on it (for verification purposes) mailed to the appropriate address below.

For anyone who wishes to be a part of the solution, I have created a template letter here, which can be copied and pasted into whatever form you wish to use. If Times New Roman is used in a 10pt font, the entire thing will fit on one page.

Office of the Chief Clerk
TCEQ - Mail Code 105
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Subject: Public Letter of Protest Against TXU’s 18 New Coal Plants

Dear Chief Clerk,

I wish to lodge a formal public letter of protest against the construction of 18 new coal-burning power plants in Texas. With the just the technology available today, there are far cleaner sources of energy available that can meet the rising demands of Texans for electricity, but TXU and Rick Perry have chosen the dirtiest possible source of power, pulverized coal burning plants, because of their cheap cost. How can such traitors to this state be given such free license to destroy our air quality, and release such massive amounts of poisons, greenhouse gasses, and radioactive isotopes into the air? I am infuriated that the good citizens of Texas have had no say in the matter, and that the future of our state has been sold to the lowest bidder!

Coal-burning power plants release the following toxins into the air: Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Mercury, Silicon Fly Ash, Arsenic, Chromium, Radon, Lead, Chlorine, and Sodium. Six of these appear on the EPA’s 188-list of toxic substances, all of which appear on the European Union’s EPER list, and most of which appear on Canada’s CEPAR list. While we are not members of the two latter nations, we can learn from the example of our economic, strategic, and cultural allies.

Further, coal-burning plants release the following radioactive isotopes into the air: Uranium (235 and 238), Thorium, Radium, Polonium, and Potassium-40. As a result of the release and creation of these isotopes, the surrounding population is exposed to 100 times as much radiation as a nuclear power plant.

Finally, the greenhouse gasses emitted by these coal-burning power plants are upwards of 50% more than even natural-gas plants. Were even coal-gasification used, in the prime prediction of a 40% decrease in CO2 emissions, it would still release 5% more Carbon Dioxide than a natural gas plant. But TXU does not even propose to use coal gasification, or clean-coal technology. In a world where even a fossil-fuel giant like Exxon-Mobil has admitted to the existence of global warming, and the United Nations has shown a 90% chance it is the direct result of mankind, how can more coal-burning plants even be an option?

For your convenience, I have listed the references for my facts below. The very future of Texas air and land is being threatened with 18 of the absolute worst type of power plant in terms of toxicity, radiation, environmental damage, and greenhouse gasses. We will not tolerate such a gross abuse of her citizens. For the sake of our land and air, please do not allow any of the proposed coal power plants their permits, and demand that TXU use a cleaner source of energy.


(((insert real name here)))
((((insert current address here – they must have your address for this to be filed)))


For those who were wondering about whether or not people from other places besides Texas can lodge a complaint, the answer is "Yes," however, I would recommend changing the wording of the letter to reflect the fact you don't live in the state, but are concerned about its actions affecting your own state.

I need to stress, again, according to the chief clerk, this is the ONLY method that is being considered to stop these power plants.

They must have hard-copies in order to have the protest on public record. Please don't let the fight die with this thread. Print out the letter, sign in, put your adddress on it, and mail it to the address provided. Thank you.

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