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Civilian Evacuation by Military

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 04:59 PM
I had a dream about a few months ago and still trying to make sense of it. Maybe someone here can help me. It could mean nothing but precognitive dreams happen once in a while for me and this one has a great sense of urgency. Here goes;

I'm in a house and noticed to a massive miliary presence as I walk out. It is a residential area and there are military soldiers swarming (not hostile) the whole place. They are instructing us to go inside what seems to be a futuristic railroad box cart. The most intriguing aspect was not the military presence, it was the "box cart". It was equipped with supplies and built like a storage container for space travel. The feeling at the time was that we were going to be transported away from the planet.

When a few people were in the container, they closed the doors and we started to move. Since I was locked inside, I am not sure if the container had its own propulsion system or was carried by helicopter. - I was able get a quick glance at a few helicopters before entering but these containers also had a strange blue-green glowing light at each corner.

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