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Society has mind control over us ... or do they ...

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 09:22 AM
This does not go into this Section of Threads if someone could help me find a place for this ... I am sorry ... I acidentally posted this here

Me and some of my friends were sitting around at the Casa, the other day and we got into a discussion of some really odd but good stuff. I have met and hung out with a couple of these people before ... one of them I had never met.

I am not going to go into that much detail but we were talking about different races. I had told them I had just got back from Wal-Mart and was talking about this hispanic family that was in line and there were 12 of them standing in a line not in a group but in a line making the line at the store look Extremely long. But I noticed all of them talking to each other and realized they were all together so I went and stoof behind them as the other lines were extremly long ... But ddin't appear to be as long as this one. Well their time came and they all went through the register they were all holding at least one item. (Was rather Funny to watch).

Anyhow back on subject ... Just thought you guys should know how this conversation piece started. So you know that this was brought up in a Round about way and noone in the conversation was offended. There was me(white), my fiancee(white), my sister (white), my sisters b/f (black/brown) , his two friends (black/mexican)(Black), and then there were two other people some aquaintances of mine who play on my co-ed softball team. I think they are kinda liking each other or something not sure ... anyways ... They are both Males ... One is white and the other is Caramel ... I think Cuban. Anyways ...

We get into this discussion about why Mexicans like to have so many children and so forth and it finally gets to White people and what you think about certain races of people ... I was wondering are we all Racists in this group because we all came to the conclusion that a Black man Acting White ... is very far and few between. But whenever we thought of Black people we mainly thought of the lifestyles of Rappers and Yo, What's up dawg? Although that is how we speak to each other ... When we thought of a White person we thought of some people that say ... Howdy ... or How are you today, Sir ? When we thought about Mexican people ... They were the funniest actually when talking about thierselves ... It was almost like they even thought that the True Mexicans were really funnt ... Saying ... Y, Essaay ... Que Honda .... Wueeeee or Fueeee .. Not sure how to spell it .. Anyways ... I thought it was an interesting conversation one of the most interesting I have ever had in my life.

But whenever I was going to sleep last night I started recalling all of these things and thought to myself ... WoW ... That was so Racist ... Although I didn't feel any animosity towards each other or probably ever will and realize that is was a friendly conversation.

I still found myself wondering ... Was that Racist !?!? To talk about a certain Race like we did ... Even if there were an equal amount of input from all sides ... That doesn't necisarily mean that it was not a racist Conversation just possibly there were some weaker opinions in the room. Or maybe/possibly someone felt under criticism so they just went along ?? Any OPINIONS on this !??!?!??!

I would love to hear ....

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 02:45 PM
Excellent experience for sharing! Thank you! You have given me much to ponder - i'm always hungry for food for thought.

Maybe we use the term 'racist' too loosely - because truly, there is nothing wrong at all about cultural differentiations and identity - in fact i truly believe it is the spice of the planet (the spice of life on Earth). It is endless fascinating variety!

And with the globe-shrinking benefit of the WWW we have even more opportunity to have a world's fair at our own-little-cyber-center. The more we get to know one another as equally valuable on the soul level but infinitely different in lifestyle and misc on the physical level...the closer we are to peace on this planet!

If we love our neighbors as ourselves and have made friends with someone in Sumatra while living in N. America....then surely any kind of war conflict with Sumatra would raise our personal hackles. I have a friend there! No war!

I am Scotch Irish on the maternal and paternal unknown (tall and dark) and appear basically 'white.' But my life has been filled with friends, family, and lovers, from hispanic and black gene pools. I would feel totally at ease in such a conversation with those people in my life as you did in yours.

And that is what makes it so cool. Being AWARE and APPRECIATIVE of race is a far cry from bullying or extorting another race because they are different than we, ourselves (whoever we may be but historically it DOES seem to be the white man who does this most often - and in countries which he has invaded, no less!)...

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 04:21 PM
I am glad that someone feels the way I do ... I found myself second guessing my own reactions to calling myself Whitey or Cracker ... and Laughing about it ... Pretty much making fun of some people who try to use these terms to hurt ... Instead of break down that wall of segregation ... I am just lucky and blessed to have such good friends that realize that we are all created equal ... or at least that is what my God tells me ... And he is in Total Control of my life ... So ... Why try and be boastful about things that do not matter. Anyways .. I would love to hear from an older Black person ... In my experience with my good friends parents .... they don't understand how I can say ... What up brother ... to thier kids. When my friend totally understands and tries to convey to me that they have been opressed for many of years ... But I try and tell them that alot of times to me it is them who hold themselves into that opression/which I like to say is more of DEPRESSION. I have even had one of my best friends moms tell me that her son would never be as good as I was at Book Studying ... Yet when we went to High School together he had a Better SAT score than me ... Better Reading Comprehension skill s than me ... and was basically better at school work than I was in every single level accept MATHMATICS.

This really bothers me that his own mother would say negative stuff about her son ... That has no Basis ... Accept for her own mind telling her these things ... I am wondering where this was instilled in her ?? Or is this a basis that is taght in many families ... My good friend ,could not really tell me ... he was almost embarassed that his mom said those things ... Just wondering ... What the case was ... Thanks for your help ... adios

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