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Americans - replace 'President's Day with ____

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posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 10:03 AM
My fellow Americans ... In the old days politicians were considered to be 'public servants'. Selfless and giving. Thinking of our country before thinking of their own social or economic standing. President's Day came about to honor those public servants.

However, when we look at politicians and politics today, I think it's time to update our holiday calendar. Why are we celebrating 'President's Day'?? I look at those who have been president and who want to be and I think

So .. let's brainstorm and come up with a replacement holiday.

Instead of President's Day we should have ___________ as a federal holiday.

.... we should have NO DAY as a federal holiday.
.... Patriots Day (like in Massachussetts.)
.... Volunteer Day ( give blood, help out hab. for humanity, etc. etc.)

and of course, a few fun suggestions -

.... Tell the Truth Day (ohhhh , wouldn't THAT be interesting!
.... Disclosure Day (part of tell the truth day?)
.... Chocolate and wine day (or ... wine and whine day!

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 01:37 PM
Yeah, what does President's day mean any more? I love the idea of Volunteer Day! Or Pay-It-Forward Day! What a great idea! Everyone around the country would volunteer in their communities to do any number of a billion things for their fellow man on that day.

Actually, I think I'll start doing that this year! Tomorrow, I'm going to volunteer for something.

It could be as small as helping an elderly person you know or helping build a house for Habitats for Humanity.

What a great idea! Thanks!

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 04:09 PM
we should have civil servant's day

a day dedicated to all those who run the services we all benefit from (fire, water, sewers, police, etc)

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 04:21 PM
Hi Fyers, How about love people day, or servicemans day, freedom day, liberty day, defend your constitution day, hug a Muslim day.

posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 08:14 PM
It was originally designed around George Washington's birthday. That was the original holiday. GW's Birthday. But alot the people wanted to celebrate this president and that president they decided to celebrate all of them to shut up everybody.

I don't have a problem with it if they go back to celebrating great Presidents of history.

I am not aposed to changing it to Royal76 Day since my birth on February 22.

posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 06:53 AM

Originally posted by magicmushroom
defend your constitution day,

They are all good suggestions. Having a 'Constitution Day' instead of Presidents Day is absolutely fantastic! The Constitution needs to be re-taught to all Americans along with the Bill of Rights.

Absolutely perfect!!

posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 06:58 AM
I think we should come back here this evening and report how we spent our day or what we did to celebrate our new day, whatever we chose for it.

posted on Feb, 19 2007 @ 12:42 PM
Not all Presidents were as underwhelming as Bushi Jr.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK... all are considered heroes by most standards.

What people tend to forget is that the President of the United States is a human being. Part of the reason our founding fathers created the government they did was the knowledge that the world was just getting too darn big for one man to handle, while at the same time mankind is only capable of remembering a few very important faces. In other words, people always need someone to credit or blame for their problems, and the President provides exactly that outlet for frustration.

And sometimes you just get a real rotten banana that makes the whole hill smell like monkey exrement. Right now, we have no reason to celebrate our President. He's an incompetent, power-hungry, warmonger, and an embarassment to the nation in front of the entire world. But I still celebrate those that came before him, and I still consider it a fine and beautiful country capable of great things, due in part largely to several of the men who once sat in the oval office.

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