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Do you actually believe all of that stuff out there about Iran and North Korea?

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posted on Feb, 17 2007 @ 06:15 PM
Let's look at the situation. First, the UN calls our resolution on North Korea dishonest because they are afraid that we are going to screw up again and that North Korea doesn't really have nukes or nuclear weapons. However-- that is not true, they just recently did a test to test nuclear weapons.

Something will probably happen to get us into war with Iran or North Korea. They have all these resolutions and proposals ready to lead us into war with Iran and North Korea and they are all saying that we should act sooner because of us not doing so they will attack us as well as they will do that, but after they do that they will nuke all of us then they are saying world war three will be declared.

They say that we are going to go to war with Iran. Russia and China will most definitely back the country of Iran as they will also back up North Korea so therefore there is no conflict between these two nations depicted as being nations on the so-called fabricated "axis of evil" because of Russia's and China's support.

The stupid part is that we aren't supposed to have all these conspiracies and we aren't supposed to know what the white house is doing. They are supposed to keep their trap shut about this, and what I don't buy is that Bush is stating all of his plans to the media, to the public, as well as to every one else out there who he can talk to. But instead of actually fulfilling his mission he is talking the talk but he is not walking the walk.

They should be doing psy-ops over there, they should be promoting propaganda, that shows north Korea and Iran as the evil nations so that they will support us like they did in the first two world wars. That was successful then if it was successful then why aren't they using the same tactics today?

I just believe that such things cannot continue. When will all these lies in the administration come to an end? Will the next president really have all the answers? No, they won't, they will just be on the losing end of the stick again. No I cannot accept this, I can't take it anymore!

How many more times will we have to be lied to? When they say that we are going to war, my reaction to that is "HUH" and I just want it to go away but the amount of people who claim to be psychics have overran the news and news sources like these are becoming common knowledge to most people.

These people claiming that these events are going to happen are going to try to take advantage of all of us. Then they are going to try and mind control the conspiracy theoriests into thinking that Iran wants us wiped off the map, then they are going to try to say that this statement is true!

I feel that it's all coming true, my prediction, is coming true. It is true that one cannot change the path of life and the events that surround it, but they can only merely alter its course, I think some one should go to Congress to tell them to stop blabbing about arrogant resolutions and preemptive strikes as long as they don't attack us.

When will this nonsense ever stop?

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