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The Plea

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posted on Feb, 17 2007 @ 06:52 AM
The Plea
By Michael Berfield © 2006

I have ventured through this life in search of the meaning of freedom. From a young child growing up in an abusive family, to an adult having children of my own, I have witnessed the pain and suffering taught and idealized by the social community. In these days of questionable and downright criminal endeavors of those in power, I feel it is time to stand and make our feelings heard. Too many times, we have stood only to be ignored or ostracized because of our government taking advantage over our lives and freedoms. Each day our lives are more obscured by the demands of those we have seated in power.

Too many times we have chosen those who seek their own endeavors and ambitions and not those of the public they represent. No longer are they under the scrutiny of the masses, but the power of the states by which they seek power. Our vote is manipulated by the power that be, and even if we do not vote, the electoral committees have the power to seat whom they wish. No longer do we have the power, nor hear the calls of those outside of the two major contributors of our slow demise.

Everyday more of our freedoms are taken from us like a plague that slowly devours our body. Over time, we have become blind to the passing of those freedoms that we take for granted. This cancer that has consumed our political powers, have corrupted them not just for power but the lust of money. They have made it harder for the citizens of this great country to make their own wealth and power, while keeping those in power with the avenues by which to continue to grow more powerful. Moreover, they have handed it over to the corporations and those seeking lives here from outside of our borders.

Americans born here have less chance of success then those who wish to defeat us. It has come time for us to stand and reverse this cancer and seek answers from inside our own homes, and not allow those in power to continue to corrupt our lives and thoughts with the constant bickering and charades that are used to confuse us. We have a choice, and what we do with it will shape our lives and our country for years to come. No more shall we sit back and watch our beloved country be taken over by whoremongers and money lusting power hungry heathens. No longer shall we stand by and allow the lies, deceptions and plausible deniability to shape our world. It is time to make a stand!

This is a call to all Americans, who love freedom, to stand and be heard! It is time to stand, not by one, but by all. Have you sat by long enough and wasted your freedom in the hands of those in which you have no say? Have you heard enough lies that now you believe one side of this corruption more than the other? When will it be enough? When will you see that your freedom is in danger? Our wars have not been enough, our children being victims of molestations and rapes, our families being thrown from our homes in the name of “National Security” or been strip searched at airports for carrying water on to a plane.

When will this madness stop? When will you decide when you have had too much, when your homes and your families have been separated or homeless because the job market has gone overseas so the power mongers can get richer, while taking your homes that you have worked a lifetime to get out from under you in the name of money? When will this end? Does it have to come to marshal law and the “law” has control over everything you have worked for, or will you stand now and take control of our lives from those who would see you drove from it in the middle of the night?

Our families and our future depends on us as a whole. No longer can we stand by alone and point fingers at one another instead of pointing the fingers at those who have the power. No longer can we sit idly by and let our lives be taken over and thrown away. We have a choice. We are endowed by our creator the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why are those words now considered criminal. Why is it that this great country was founded on the teachings of the bible, and now those teaching are considered racist.

The very foundation of our lives are being manipulated and torn from its pages. Why do now neighbors shake a fist and no longer grasp a hand? Why do we no longer gather in neighborhoods and seek friendship with those close to us? The finger pointing and the lies and community no longer faces itself with open arms, but with firearms. Have we lost our minds? Have we progressed to a state by which we no longer have control over ourselves, while we allow those who seek to devour us to have that control?

We live in a society which allows people of power to molest without criminal charges, while we receive charges for traffic violations that can hinder us from making a living for our families. We sit back while government officials steal millions of dollars from us, and get nothing but a slap on the wrist while continuing to hold office. Is this our future? I say we have had enough of political control and secrecy. It is time this country was returned to us!

Stand and take charge of your lives, and stop letting those with no idea how to run your lives run them. Stand and take charge of your children, they have been allowed to learn from those who would see them fail for far too long. Make a stand against lies and dishonesty, make a stand against dishonorable and corrupted leaders who seek your demise while filling their pockets. Must you let your lives be run by those who have shown time and time again they are unable to run their own? What will it take for your eyes to be open?

Must you continue to sleep with the monsters roaming your neighborhoods and your schools? For too long we have allowed a blind eye and ignored the obvious. We fail to stick up for the weak in fear we will be victims as well. This must stop. Throw down your money clips, and pick up a shovel, a hoe, a hammer or something and take back your streets, and your neighborhoods. We have allowed them to dominate our lives for long enough. The gangs and drug houses must go! If you will not do this for yourself, do it for your children. Don’t move away from your home, move them from our cities. Let them know we have had enough.

This is war, and with war comes casualties. Fight for your neighborhoods and fight for your lives! No longer shall we sit in front of a screen and allow others tell us how to feel or what to think! It is time we show them who is in charge. Gather in your cities, gather in your towns, your townships and your neighborhoods and rally for our cause! Hold the banner of hope, while fighting the banner of hate and destruction! Do not allow the faces of hate fog your hearts and your minds with ideological and Consumer slogans.

The politicians point fingers at one another and say he/she did it, while you sit at home and don’t even know the cause. We are clueless to the political ravings and yet vote for them because they are less of an evil!? Stop the insanity! Hold your hands out to your neighbors while standing together against those who would see you poor and dead. For years we have been the only casualties to this war. It is time that changed.

Our children are our future, and the future of this great nation. It is our responsibility to make sure that the failures of yesterday and the present are not compounded by the continued teachings of the same mistakes and the same misguided beliefs. In this war of our lives, it’s prudent to think that new ideas and new structures are needed to be put in place. We are entering these fundamentally consequential, transformative and ideological times.

We must not fail in our responsibilities as parents and leaders to frame our children's lives in such a way that embeds the morals and honor that is considered right and just. The future we teach, must not be the futures of the past. We must see that the teachings of yesterday have led us to the same fates as our forefathers time and time again. The ideas and separation of old must be replaced by ideas of bonding this great country and yes the world to the fundamental idea of the continuation of the human race. This continuation must be one of cultural tolerance, education, understanding and a combined awareness of the past.

The destructive mindset of the governments of the world has gone on long enough. The greed and egotistical views of yesterday have come to full circle more then once, with the ending always turning out the same way. Do we continue down a road that has already shown many times the destructive nature we can accomplish? History has shown repeatedly that people can not govern themselves under a banner of hate and destruction and expect to span the ages productively.

Every empire that has risen to power has become complacent within its own ranks, and devoured itself in war, hatred and mistrust. Even in our times we have seen countries fall under their own greed and caulis egos. When are the people in the world going to see their mistakes? The problem is, that no one sees it as their responsibility nor their span of power. The excuse is always “What can I do, I am nobody?”

The reason you can do nothing is that you have the mindset that you are nobody. This is what needs to be fixed within our children's minds. We can no longer stand by and allow our futures to be made and broken by those who seek our demise. The future we exact for ourselves must frame the new ideals and new understanding that we are not alone. The endeavor that we embark on must be done with the understanding that we all have the power to change things. Together rather then alone, combined rather than single. Nothing will ever be accomplished without the gathering of many to come to the end result.

This freedom we have is not for free. Many have given their lives for this cause. Will you continue to let them sacrifice their lives for nothing? You condemn them for their duties, yet applaud those who gives the orders. You have been brainwashed to despise your own, yet love the leaders. Have you not yet realized, those leaders you stand by so much, seek your demise as well? They are not out for your will, but their own. The elected officials who you have elected, are bent between their money and those who will further their ideas. Your ideas and your wishes have no meaning. Only under public scrutiny and pressure will these officials accomplish anything. It is time that pressure was inflicted.

So where do we go from here, you may ask. What can I do to start this crusade of rebirth? It starts at home. Start with your children. Start teaching them this new mindset. Only through us can the generations of tomorrow end this ongoing dismantlement of our world. Those in the shadows and those who seek our demise expect you to do nothing. They have brainwashed you for all these years and expect it to continue. It is up to you and all of us to change it, but this must start at home. Sit at the dinner table and make your children aware of the present and aware of the future.

Put their minds on a track of change and not the same track of manipulation and mistrust. Teach your children to be tolerant, to look upon others with respect and honor. Teach them that respect starts with ones self. Money has no place in this equation. Money is for comfort, not for your survival. Survival starts in the mind. Do not fall prey to the television nor propaganda that fills your mind with mistrust or hate. This is for those who wish others to live for them. Only through you will your children accomplish what generations have failed to do for themselves. Teach your children patience. Teach them compassion and forgiveness. Only through this will your children accomplish where others have failed.

It is hard to imagine this land on which we stand, has passed from generation to generation, from the belief of the flat world, to the belief of genetic clones. Wars and celebrations have been waged as well as religious enlightenment and occult sacrifices. Others have come this way in love, hate and in passion. Do you stand on a spot of earth where others have died for your freedom, for the freedom of your family or maybe died for a spot where you can pray to your God?

No matter your culture, color, beliefs or history, someone has come this way. The trail you travel, others have worn down to make it easier for you to pass. They have killed the wild animals that passed this way, so their families and yours may pass without being molested. They have forged the bridges and the cobblestones to make your travel smoother and shorter. What have you done to make the trail easier for those who come after you?

The blood of those before you has christened the ground you stand upon. It has been tamed and domesticated to the whims of the people and yet, you treat it as though it has defiled you in some fashion. As if the blood that lingers in the rocks, curses your very existence. The blood that rests there is not in vein. The tears that have fallen in pain and in sorrow do not seek your compassion. It has asked nothing of you, and yet you still wish to enslave it.

Must you continue to fight the same wars as those before you? Must you continue to fight and kill for something that you have no right to? The land on which you stand is forever, you on the other hand, as those who have come before you, are temporary. Your name and your body shall return to the ground that you take for granted. It shall open its mouth and receive you as it has received others, good and evil alike.

You have a chance in this life to leave a mark for those who are next to stand where you are. The wind and the rain will erase the scars you have placed on the ground. Would it not be smarter to make your mark where it shall grow as the tree in the forest, resilient and fertile? The mind is a tool that teaches other minds. It is a machine that creates itself repeatedly. The lifecycle of a mind is no more than a century, but the thoughts it can create in its lifetime, can last as the earth itself.

Seek your mark in the minds of those who follow. If you plant seeds of lust and hate, lust and hate is what shall grow, and so it has been. Will you continue to reap the seeds of destruction, or will you plant seeds of hope and love in place of it? The future is in our hands. What seeds shall we grow? Will you continue to plant seeds of separation or will you grow seeds that join us? Will you plant seeds of pain or will you plants seeds of healing by which all who seek it shall be well? Will you plant seeds of greed and ego or replace them with seeds of generosity and humbleness? The crop you sow today, good or evil, shall be reaped for generations to come. The future is not yours, but your children's children. Will they stand where you and others have stood? If they do, what will they stand for?

It may come as some surprise to many that your neighbors do not know who the hell is in office nor have read any of the laws that were passed in the last mid-term elections. Then again maybe you are one of them, or maybe you are one of the many who didn’t vote at all. Those who did vote were either looking for a change, or standing behind the troops.

If you voted, or not, you hurt our country. Why, you ask? Let me give you a simple yet illuminating answer. The right want to continue to fight, the left want to cut and run. So as you see, neither way is the right answer. This is the quandary that we have gotten ourselves into. Either decision is going to get someone hurt. “ Better them than us!” you might say. Do you really think that is true? Would you feel the same way if were us? “Better us then them?”

Well believe it or not, we have our own war going on, and nobody is fighting back. We sit in our homes night after night while the war wages on, and continue to do absolutely nothing. The government has told us, “ go about your daily lives and ignore what is going on; Continue to spend your money or the whole country will go into a depression; Spend, spend, spend to show those evil terrorists that they can’t change your lives, that they can’t stop the way we live.” Sounds kind of funny when you see it in writing doesn’t it? Sounds a little like the “Wizard of Oz.” “ Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Then, as if by magic, fuel prices explode, taxes go through the roof, laws are passed to restrain your freedom, that way “if” you wake up, you will not be able to fight back. The bickering going on the “Hill” is nothing compared to what's going on behind the “Hill.”

I laugh when I hear some of the things that come out of their mouths. They think we are all asleep. The majority of the country is. I have seen it. If you listen to the political radio talk shows, you can hear it in the voices of the people who call. All the replies seem rehearsed. Like your hearing a record play over and over again. The same replies, the same complaints, yet nothing more. A programmable answer is what it sounds like to me. They hear it on the TV, they hear it on radio, they see it in newspapers, they all say one thing...Sleep! Reminds me of the movie “They Live” from John Carpenter in1988. If you haven’t seen it, maybe you should. It is almost a standardized replica of today's way of life. Anyone have special sun glasses I can borrow? Headache or not, I’ll take a pair.

We sit at home and laugh at TV shows and pretend that outside everything is hunky-dory, while outside our door, not very far from the curb, a light twinkles in the night with a camera in it, watching the world sleep. Might sound funny, but did you know that back in 2005 App., the FCC passed a law where every cell phone must be traceable by GPS up to 50feet. Whether you have GPS capable phone or not, the US government can track you up to 50 feet. Big brother is watching. Here is the URL if you wish to go look: Funny how things happen, while no one is looking. You say “ Oh , but that's for “911” calls. Of course it is, you just keep saying that to yourself. In my world, give them an inch, they will take 100 miles.
Wake up America! Before there is no America left to wake up to.

I hear the voices of those who say you don’t care, or those that say its too much to concern yourself with. I hear the clambering of those who would rather read about someone's dog or how their vacation went. That fact is people, if you don’t look at it long enough, it will be starring at you. Ignore it enough, and there will come a time when it will no longer be ignorable. “ I’ll deal with it when the time comes, or I’ll cross that bridge when it happens, if it ever does.” Yes, I hear that also. Just one point to make on that subject. When the time comes, you will be too late.

In 2004 during the Presidential run, protesters were “corralled” into what is now popularly called a “Free Speech Zone. Julie Hilden reported: ” They were taken to a wire enclosure topped by razor wire outside Boston's Fleet Center, where the Convention was held.” and held there while they demonstrated. Those who were pro Bush were allowed to stay at the convention building. Julie Hilden, FindLaw Columnist, Special to did the story on this. This happened in 2004 and is still widely practiced. How many of you have heard of it? Not many I am sure. This was not done by your everyday run of the mill cops. This was introduced by none other than the Secret Service, and enforced by PD. Although you might think this is nothing big, I beg to differ. Secluding these protesters in a cage away from reporters, away from the cameras while those who did not protest were allowed to stay, is a battened infringement on the bill of rights, not including discriminatory, and continues to be in use.

This is only one example of how things are moving. One sign of the times. What will it be next? How far will we let it go? When will it be too much? I say it has already passed the “too much” point. While your sitting at home in your comfy recliner, yelling at the TV about how stupid it was that “24” doesn’t come on till January, or that “Brittany” is getting a divorce, the country is falling apart. “ Where am I going, and why am I in a hand basket?” Is this really to hard to understand? Rome is falling, and those who we kicked along the way are not going to be too congenial or sympathetic to our ploy! If you have read anything lately, it should have been the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” Never heard of it you say, shocker there. Rebuilding Americas Defenses states: “At present the United States faces no global rival. America’s grand strategy should aim to preserve and extend this advantageous position as far into the future as possible.” Hmm, Sounds like a threat. How about this: “DEVELOP AND DEPLOY GLOBAL MISSILE DEFENSES to defend the American homeland and American allies, and to provide a secure basis for U.S. power projection around the world.” I will repeat that last part for you in case you missed it. “ Provide a secure basis for U.S. Power projection around the world.” Do you see the threat now? A little more clearer now for ya? Can you tell me why we are in Iraq now? No? Well, how about this?: “MAINTAIN NUCLEAR STRATEGIC SUPERIORITY, basing the U.S. nuclear deterrent upon a global, nuclear net assessment that weighs the full range of current and emerging threats, not merely the U.S.-Russia balance.”

I am sitting here thinking and wondering, how far it must go from here. Remember that hand basket I was referring to? Thought I was kidding huh? Hard to imagine what some reading will do for you. Whether your Democrat or Republican or Independent, this should scare the hell out of you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but things are not good at the ranch. The problem with arguing with me is that all I write comes from them. I document everything I quote. You can argue with my opinion, but hard to argue their own words. Seems foolish to me to argue at all. It is as plain as day.

The United States wants power, global power. Remember George Bushes words, “ Your either with us, or your with the terrorists.” So remember that when they throw you in prison as a domestic terrorist for standing up for your rights, and remember I warned you. I will be in the cell next to you, laughing. Just know that this voice will continue as long as it has breath. I will continue to write and show their plans to those who will listen. You keep reading them, and passing them on. For sometimes the fate of us all stands in the hands of some unsuspecting fool, who is in the wrong place at the right time.

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