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‘’I touched my dream was awake also’’

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 06:43 PM
The other day I dreamt something that I saw once my eyes were open. It’s kind of weird to explain. In the dream I dreamt I was outside making a tent in my garden although it looked like home but obviously not and it was pitch-black in darkness apart from light that did not explain where it came from.

Anyway as I was getting into this tent or getting it ready I thought ok there are probably spiders in here but did not see one.
Next to my bed in a semi-awake mode reality I thought I heard a rattling or movement.
So I woke up. What I saw was a spider on a long web from wardrobe to the wall of the head of the bed.

But I woke my self up by now. The thing was I could see a spider next to my bed and I was awake. So I went to touch it but could not get it, so being a dream was I awake or asleep? I was conscious enough to think and know what was going on and I tried to see what the spider would do, basically as started touching it began to pixel up into grey mini spirals. Its like I was able to touch my own dream awake and felt like an overlapping of reality. I know probably drugs could do the same thing to the mind but this was without influence and the nearest one can be conscious and awake yet knowing you are not asleep anymore. People say dreaming is like going to other realities and all sorts who knows but it was kind off nice but strange and yet observable without having to regress some memory.

‘’I touched my dream’’ or was it some parallel world? When I touched the spider it also fell and withered away into tiny spirals. Could these things explain lucid dreaming alien abduction cases of sorts?

Have you had similar experiences would not mind some input to get this post rolling.

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posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 07:51 PM
I have also had a similar account, not quite like yours but...

....I was drifting of to sleep, in quite a trippy the sence that you're so tired, drifting in and out of consciousness.

I started to dream my room, THROUGH my eyes, as i was sitting in the chair, it looked EXACTLY as i "left it"when i was awake, dark, tv on, although "strangely" veiled.

AND THEN!!.... I saw my cat walk past, as i was dreaming, i followed the image, and as i did, i thought.."im dreaming", this shook me and i opened my eyes and SAW MY CAT moving away in my peripheral vision.

I was amazed, and thought that it was as if i had seen the world in a dream like state..ALMOST like an OOBE (out of body...) without leaving the body....

...I had seen my cat crossing the room, and was constant with what i experienced when i opened my eyes, i saw this FACINATING.

such a big mystery is the existence we reside in

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 08:10 PM
Actually you have reminded me of something a pattern I used to have when I wake up and remember my last scene of my dream. I would frequently dream of something and see what I dreamt to be similar to what was on a TV screen or an event or an object I have never seen. It could be some outer body experience in realms of time and space that could happen or have not yet happened. There are different types of dreams some are just too Alice in wonderland and some are just documentary watching scenes type. But try and observe your dreams there could be connectins that one misses.

Because we are constrained to the laws of this universe does not mean other things or other non linear time space does not exist and being asleep may open new doors but we usually forget what we dream to even make sense, our minds could be at different planes who knows, or we access the quantum field of this universe in places that technology is yet to grasp . Any this angle is for the more astral type followers just making conversation I guess set up some ideas as its late.

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posted on Feb, 13 2007 @ 04:37 PM
I posted this late last night UK time so I doubt many people read this post so this message is to just update the post.

Have you been able to interact with your dream in reality with your eyes open. This is the nearest one can be alsleep and remember and yet manipulate your dream whist awake. It's kind spooky but interesting as it's the nearest thing to be able to record a dream and see it with your eyes again. But then again other theories could come into it.

I wish I could retitle the post it sounds silly and maybe the story is a bit silly and common. Felt cool at the time but maybe this is silly.

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posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 04:10 PM
astro projection my friend...
u were astro projecting when you saw the spider thats y the first thing you thought of when u woke up was to look in that spot to see the spider


posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by Anomic of Nihilism
I was amazed, and thought that it was as if i had seen the world in a dream like state..ALMOST like an OOBE (out of body...) without leaving the body....

I kinda think you did leave your body, maybe only a cm or 2, not much but enough to 'see' around you.

Ever woken up startled because it felt like you were falling through the bed?

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 07:53 PM
Sometimes you gave to ask is reality the dream and the dream different realities? They could be made from a different time or substance that maybe only the mind can get into. Maybe with all these quantum laws realities might exist just beyound our own. But what was facinating was that I could touch this other reality and a bit like back to the future movies when the picture starts to fade this kind felt that way too. I am not sure if drugs do the same thing but does not mean that when they are used they don't show you another reality just beyond ours or different wavelengths.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 02:40 PM
Hypnopompic and Hypnagogic Hallucinations is what you may have been experiencing. I've had a LOT of these happen, but they don't happen on a regular basis. Sometimes I can get about two-three a week, and sometimes I won't have any for months. I did a lot of research on it just to find if others were experiencing the same thing. Turns out there are many people with the same experience. Not the majority of the population, but still a pretty decent number of them. I'd say that this experience can DEFINITELY be mistaken for an alien abduction. It feels incredibly real. I'm not saying that this is strictly a medical condition completely explainable in medical terms. I don't know. It could be a way to visit other dimensions for all I know. I'll give you some examples of what I experience when I have them.

My most common ones are waking up to find a spider sitting next to me, or being surrounded by spiderwebs as if I had been sleeping for years. My innitial reaction is shock, then disbelief, then shock again, and finally the realization that it wasn't real. Once I open my eyes and see these things, I try to reach out for them to make sure they're real or fake. Sometimes the spider will run off the way a real spider would. When I do that, I can't reach them, and they start slowly dissolving into thin air, the way cotton candy starts slowly dissolving in hot weather.

I've seen pale hands retract from my face. Again, I reach out to make sure they're not really there, and I can't reach them. They also disappear.

I've woken up to a green praying mantis sitting on my finger. Freaked me out.

I've opened my eyes, facing the ceiling, and saw ancient text that I couldn't read etched into the ceiling. It looked ancient Greek. Later I found out that one of the letters matched a specific alphabet from that region of the world. Can't remember what it was called anymore.

I've seen a woman in period costume walk through the wall and into the next room. She followed a strange path as if a house she lived in was superimposed on the one I was in.

I've also seen and heard very real-seeming things while awake, but I won't get into those. All I'll say is that one of them I experienced in the early afternoon with my dad right next to me..... who heard exactly the same thing.

Those are just a few examples. As for realistic dreams,.... I've had a few of those too. They're incredibly fun to have, and require so much concentration. They feel no different from actual, waking reality. I remember one I had a couple of months ago. I remeber being inside my dream (completely aware of this fact) and realizing it. I was so amazed at how real everything looked and felt. I was in some strange room, confused as to where I was. I looked at my hands and admired how real they looked and felt. There were two or three people standing nearby. I looked up at one who seemed to be paying attention to me and asked "Where am I??" He told me I was visiting, but he didn't say where. It sort of looked like a school science lab room, but I can't be absolutely sure. There were white tiled counters as far as I can remember, but I didn't see any flasks or beakers, it was just a thought that passed through my mind.

During last year's Christmas break I was in Europe for two weeks. I was sleeping in a room that was absent of noise or any distractions. I felt completely relaxed. I fell asleep. I had one of my usual dreams,...but as it progressed, I started realizing that I was in a dream. Taking advantage of the fact that I had nothing to distract me in the real world, I decided to try a few different things here. I conjured up a "practice" abandoned office building, and decided to try to make different things happen. I decided that whenever I would open a door, I'd try to find whatever I was thinking of behind that door. I opened the first door, and found an empty room. No good. I walked to the next door, thought about what I wanted to see, and opened it. This time I found people inside, but they weren't who I wanted them to be. I thought I'd try to morph one's face into what I wanted it to be. It started morphing, and it seemed that I was going to get it right, but it took so much concentration and energy that I stopped in fear I would wake myself up. It bounced back into it's old shape. I walked to the next door, and found more people, again I just proceeded to the next door until I arrived at an elevator. It's stainless steel door was shaped like a triangle. I thought of it as a shortcut to the top of the building, so that I wouldn't have to walk through every door in the bulding to reach the top. The door opened, I quickly stepped inside, and tried to push a button to close the door quickly. I didn't want anyone else to get into the elevator with me. (At this point the place was swarming with random people). The door closed quickly on it's own, and that's when I realized the elevator had room for only one person,,.... and was shaped like a three-sided pyramid. It started moving up quicker and quicker. I knew that when I reach the top, I would reach my goal. The higher I got, the brighter it became, almost a blinding white light. That's when I woke up. It was so amazing. I've had these type of dreams before, but never did they last this long.
So where was I? Exploring the inner universe of my mind, or was it a real place? Another dimension? Who knows. All I know is I want to do it again.

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 10:02 PM
Has anyone ever died in their dream and woke up to remember the experience of death? I have heard tales that people sometimes die in sleep because the dream killed them just like in the Matrix movie.I have always woken up before I hit the ground in falling dreams so I have never actually died.What would happen if my dream continued and I hit the ground from falling off a cliff,felt the pain of hitting the ground?

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 11:03 PM
That's such a bizarre coincidence. Just today I had the same thing happen to me.

I had a rather ...interesting dream about a talking dog that told me there was a snake in my bed. I rushed to the bed, and saw the dog disappear under the blankets, only to have it re-appear and tell me that the snake was killing the kittens (yes, this was one of those wonderfully non-sensical dreams).

I saw something moving around under the blankets, so dove onto the bed to grab it, but ended with a handfull of kitten instead of the snake. The kitten bit me (presumably thinking I'm the snake).

At that point I wake up, look down, and I could still see something moving around under my blankets. The hallucination didn't go away untill I tried to pin down 'the thing', and ended up grabbing a handfull of nothing.

The funny part is once I realised what had just happened, I spent the next couple of minutes wondering why I considered giving the talking dog to the snake in order to save the kittens. And no, I wasn't high, hadn't drunk and aren't on any medication.

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 10:55 AM
Yes. I've died in my dream before. The one I remember most vividly was the one where I was torn into bits by a large, white wolf. As soon as he started to chow down on my body, I separated from my body and watched it being consumed from a few meters away. There was more afterward, but I'll save you the detail.

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 11:04 AM
I've died in dreams by standing on mice at the stop step in my house, and once when I was eaten by a cat-spider thing. Me dying is the end of the dream, obviously, but I used to have these dreams alot. Either that or they just stood out the most. D:

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 06:23 PM
Well that's another myth busted then,glad to know I can jump out of more airplanes without a chute in my dreams!

posted on Feb, 28 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Wow another weird coincidence,My girlfriend wanted me to download the movie version of "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat" I thought it would suck but it turned out to be highly entertaining.All about people having dreams and Joseph(played by Donny Osmond) had the gift to be able to tell what the dream means to that person.Some people it would be like good things in the future and other people he would interpret the dream to be bad, like death in the near future.The music was amazing ,very catchy tunes and weird that I just happened to be posting in a "dreaming" thread!

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:48 PM
What if being awake is actually the illusion, this is going into a David Icke theory, but then again Biblically, from a spiritual point of view we have lost the ability to see God and maybe these little things people have are just the peep through the rabbit hole.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 06:08 PM
I've seen things too when I've just woken up from a dream. One night I woke up with a terrible fright like I'd just been attacked. Floating on my wardrobe door was the ugliest most ferocious looking demon dog face. It stayed there for a good few seconds before vanishing. I was in the house alone and had come home drunk from a party but I was scared enough to put all the lights on in the house then I went though the living room to put the telly on for comfort. When I opened the door a wall of heat hit me and there was no air. Apparently I'd come home and put the gas fire on full blast then shut all the doors and gone to bed. I'm so glad of that nightmare because there really wasn't any oxygen left in the room and it could have spread to the bedroom.I sometimes think there are other outside forces that can affect the way we dream. Tricksters of some sort. One night I dreamed I was standing at a bus stop with my partner and he put his thumb right in my mouth. It was so realistic . I was tugging at his arm and screaming with anger for him to stop but he wouldn't take it out. Then I lashed out and punched him square in the eye. I woke up at that point because in real life he yelled at me and I'd really punched him in the eye and it was a bit black for a couple of days. How was my aim so correct?

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 06:15 PM
Yes true how did you from your dream, manage to find the right swing to the eye and be on target in the dream world and this relality? Maybe by knowing where they slept or by something else like amerging of relalities, but then again it could be a manipulation to cause harm because what good did it do? You had no control unless something controlled you.

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 02:58 PM
Just an update I found this video,

The video suggests that these spirals exist in our very society, maybe something in conciousness is changing and getting stronger globally.

The spirals are like a 6 and scary enough kind of reminds me of what I saw and maybe it really is going on else where out there, the grand deception of the mark of beast maybe? On his forehead? On in his mind maybe connected? the evil version of the Holy Spirit maybe? Or in the mind of something evil? Could the internet it self be part of this conciousness or maybe it is?

I like to make theories so people either feel the same that can lead to something or extend and give a different meaning to a view.

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posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 03:08 PM

Originally posted by Dae
Ever woken up startled because it felt like you were falling through the bed?

All the time. All the time. And it usually involves me sky-diving (though I've never gone sky-diving) and my 'chute won't open. Funny thing is, I still wanna go sky-diving one day. You think it's a good idea?

Anyway, to the rest of you, when you close your eyes and wave your hand or fingers in front of your shut eyes, do you "see" a phantom image of your hand or fingers?

posted on Sep, 15 2007 @ 03:16 PM
The sky diving feeling made to a dream is common as its the blood pressure feeling relaxed and lowered and I think it represents being out of control in your life, that's what i read once.

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