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I want to hit somone!

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posted on Dec, 18 2003 @ 10:30 AM
Ok, it's my turn to rant. So
and listen to me, then you can respond. I have the soap box now!

A large part of this forum is dedicated to politics, news, and political corruption. Many accusations float around about both of the main parties. I tend to be slightly more conservative on most issues, but I don't let that blind me from reality. I realize that both parties sling "political mud" at each other in hopes to attain a higher position of power, or to wield more of the power the have.

Lately, I have come across accusations, both neo-lib and neo-con in nature. I think that a large number of libs tend to like socialism more than capitalism.(reverse for the cons) I DO NOT think that they are communists bent on the destruction of America, though that is what I think would happen if pure communism or socialism were to be introduced and forced upon our current system. And I DO NOT think the cons are Facists/Nazis. Those accusations are pure stupidity.

I know one thing about the American population for sure, and that is that they are generally morons. I know people who have never even heard of Facism, much less what is means. I have come across people that do not know what republicans and democrats are.(they thought they were branches of the government) I have seen people who are 'self proclaimed' democrats, who are against gun control, abortions, raising taxes, banning prayer from school, and giving more money to education. They were against my joining of the Army, because they said I was just going to get killed. They vote democrat, and don't even know what a democrat is! I have not, however, met anyone who is like that with republicans.(I'm not saying there aren't any)

We cannot survive with just one party, we need two. If we only had one, bad # would happen. The whole system would become unstable, and fall in on itself. We need a majority, and a minority.

Better than 50% of the people I know don't give a flying # about politics. They still vote, but are so misinformed that they hinder the system. I had a Social Studies teacher in 4th grade who told us that Dems want less gov't and generally lower taxes, Reps want more gov't and generally raise taxes. It makes me want to punch someone square in the face.

And I swear, if one more person throws a #ing paper wad at me, I'll crush their goddam face with the heel of my #ing shoe!

posted on Dec, 18 2003 @ 11:09 AM

NO MORE PAPER WADS! What the hell is with that anyway? Do people get their jollies off by throwing paper at me! Hold on a sec...

...I had to somone about a certain flying projectile.

Man, people bug me. So immature...

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