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(WHNWC) Dark Thoughts

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 07:49 PM
'I hate this freakin' job. Same old same old day after freakin' day', he thought as he watched Franks and the others sitting over by the window, laughing and carrying on like always. All he could hear was guffaws and snickering as they gossiped about everyone else. Every now and then they'd scan around to see who was watching them. Thier eyes seemed to gleam with a gleeful mockery as they took in their surroundings and yet they never fell on a face unless it was looking back at them. Such an event always resulted in nudges and head nods in the general direction of the watcher and more snickering would ensue from that.

'What a buncha dweebs', I thought, sneering at them under half lidded eyes.

Grown men, acting like kids in a highschool cafeteria. Sure, I'm only 28 and they're at least in their forties, but why do they have to act so stupid and mean? Thinking about it, there wasn't one person I liked at all. Well, maybe the girl in the mail room. She smiled more than she talked and kept to herself mostly, but I saw her hanging around Hank Jones's office a lot lately. Hank's a pain in the ass, a nit-picking twerp who talked with a lisp and got really upset if he thought anyone was making fun of it. MAJOR chip on his shoulder but because he was a supervisor he could get away with everything he said.

I figured the mail room girl was stalking him like the gold-digger she probably was.

The anger and frustration was building in my guts as I walked back to my little cubby where at least I could mostly be by myself. Sitting down, I keyed in my passwords and started going through that mornings' task reports, punching the keys with a certain determination. I lost myself in that beat, enjoying the sound of the space bar which I would hit Harder than the rest.

Clickety clack WHACK Clickety clickety clack WHACK

A pain started to blossom just behind my eyes just then as I stared at the screen, watching those letters and numbers appearing like magic in front of me.

'Aw, nuts, now a headache'. Trying to ignore it didn't help at all and within the next few minutes the sharp stabs of pain began. Every move became an agony, every sound torture. Trying to soften the sound of the keys didn't help and I put my hands up to my face to shut out the light.

"You alright, Dorne? It was Hank. He musta heard me stop typing and being the nosy dink he is, decided to check up on me.

"Yea, I'm alright, Hank, just a headache", I grumped, rubbing my temples "Not enough sleep last night, I'm guessing".

"tell you what, Dorne... why not go to the nurses office and get some aspirin for that? Take your time and lay down on the cot in there until it passes..."

I nodded, got up and wandered over there, kinda looking forward to the dark little room with the bed and pillow. Mrs. Stedmann was siiting at her desk typing away when I came in and looked at me with a question mark in her eyes.

"Headache" I said, trying hard not to cause another stab of pain by sitting down too fast.

"Can I get some aspirin, please?"

She looked at me like I was bothering her, but with a weary sigh, she got off her ample bottom and went to the cupboard to root around for the bottle. 'Judgemental twit', I thought, 'who does she think she is anyways'?

I took the pills and paper cup of water, thanked her and downed the lot.

"I'm going to lay down for a bit until this passes, OK?"

I couldn't believe it... she absolutely had a smirk on her face as she nodded and then turned to sit back down at her comp.

If here was a glass of milk in my stomach, I think it would be cheese curds by now, the way my guts were clenching. I lay down slowly after almost completely closing the door and tucked that pillow under my neck. Shutting my eyes, I let my mind wander over the mornings developments. Man, I wanted so badly to just walk out the door and leave this craphole of a job. Only thing was, I liked the money too much. The pay was really good and there were benefits as well. Job security was reaonable and there was even sick leave. But I just couldn't get around the people that worked here. I felt trapped.

With those thoughts going through my head, I started to drift a bit, day-dreaming about a nasty, but different type of revenge for just about everybody. One after the other, I crafted a horrible demise for each of them and THAT started to make me feel better. The more terrible, the more I'd smile until I figured how to gut Franks in front of his bound and gagged cronies. Blood, blood, blood. WooHoo!

I guess I musta drifted off, because the next thing I know, there were two cops standing in the doorway. Real cops, not just security.

"What the hell!?!!"

"Dorne Campbell?" said the older stout cop "Would you please come with us?"

"w-What for?" I stammered "What's going on?"

"Mr. Campbell, we're placing you under arrest" said the older cop "Could you please stand up and turn around and put your hands on your head?"

"B-but, I didn't do anything wrong!!! What's this all about?"

Mrs Stedmann stood behind the hard-eyed younger cop wringing her hands and looking worried. She just stared at me with her eyes all scared looking.

"Mr Campbell, the brain scanner picked up violent intent, and as such you are being placed under arrest for your own safety as well as your fellow empoyees" he said as the cuffs ratcheted onto my wrists. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you will say may be used ag...."

I tuned him out and just let them lead me out of the building.

The End

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 03:57 PM
Clever choice of event, Masqua.

I never would have imagined that a Philip K. Dick story would ever come true in my lifetime. But it is.

I imagine there's a pharmaceutical company working on the Perky Pat scenario as we speak.


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