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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:24 PM
The child watches the sky as the glow passes by.
A golden flame overhead, growing brighter.
Entranced by it's beauty, he watches it fan out.
Golden flame, seperating into smaller golden flames.
After a minute, resembling tree roots.
Sparkling, dancing, the child smiles,
he doesnt know what it is, he doesnt care.
It is beautiful, thats all he need to know.

The damage is clear, the red glow of the hud is a faint reminder.
Mere minutes have past, feeling like hours.
These are his last. The ship buckles once more, another panel gone.
The ship begins to drift, it's destination is clear.
The pilot is mesmorised by his last look at earth.
Clear, blue, like a crystal ball, holding something more precious within.
Another buckle, another panel.
The hull begins to heat, another buckle.
The golden glow of the flame over his cockpit reminds him,
he doesnt want to know.
He begins to fall back into his mind,
one last time, he remenisses of his past.
The craft begins to corkscrew,
another buckle, yet he no longer cares.
He knows his destination,
He only wishes to remember.
He covers himself in a blanket of thought.
He looks upon the face of his wife, his children.
One last buckle, the ship breaks apart,
thousands of tiny fragments,
they fan out, a golden tree root in the sky.

The child watches the last of it fade.
He will forever remember this sight.
He doesnt know what it is, he doesnt care.
It is beautiful, thats all he need to know.
He turns, and continues down the path.


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