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media mind control buries Gonzales and Nowak stories

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 09:44 PM
Last month U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales minced words regarding habeas corpus and government surveillance tactics within U.S. borders while in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee. This occurred on January 18 2007 and appeared on C-SPAN.

As media attention regarding the Gonzales comments gained steam and appeared in more and more "mainstream"-type sites and other media outlets, all attention was overridden and snuffed out by a positive Gonzales story only a handful of days later by January 25. Gonzales presented this murder prosecution to the press regarding the murder of two black youths in 1964 Mississippi. A good thing, although at the very least 40 years overdue. (Way to go Gonzales.) rrest_070126004115

February 6th. Astronaut, naval academy graduate, test pilot, HS valedictorian Lisa Nowak apparently drives approximately 900 miles in a diaper to commit kidnapping and murder with a knife, pellet gun, plastic tubing, and plastic bags due to severe breakdown over a reported "love triangle". NASA conducts a psychiatric evalution the day after and begins PR damage control. Never mind that NASA has a sketchy past with connections to Project Paperclip or supposed UFO cover-ups or suspect quality control. Take NASA at its word. A crush pushed her over the edge and into a diaperred murderous frenzy.


Just as this story begins to even sink into the media consciousness and develop any intelligent coverage, like the also government-related Gonzales story, it is snuffed. Only this time by an unrelated story and only one day later (media time). The new story? Anna Nicole Smith, model, gold-digger, "public drunkard", diet pill spokeswoman, tragically drops dead at the age of 39 under seemingly mysterious circumstances. cole_smith_dead_on_arrival_at.html

Obviously the Gonzales spin story, which also appeared the very monday following growing media awareness and C-SPAN re-airs of his Senate hearing smirks and guffaws over the weekend, was damage control operating at the highest level.

But what of Nowak? The story came and went without televised police press-conferences and only vague mentions of "mental anguish" and "love triangle". Even though Nowak herself described it as less than romantic and only more than co-worker relationship. This causes near complete lack of logical reason in an, at the least, sturdy-enough mind of a test pilot and NASA astronaut? NASA officials appeared on tv behind a huge desk and stage set of huge NASA images to do their snow job of the strange fiasco, only to disappear with Nowak under their wing? No media outrage at the attempted kidnapping and murder. Everything was sympathetic. Nowak was doing better, etc. etc. Oh the poor woman etc etc. In a weird way similar to the Smith death: she made it against the odds and even overcame snagging and shagging an 89-year-old, or whatever his age. What dedication she had to show as a role model.

What's going on with these final two stories? Is it just that a fake-buxomed blond dying is more noteworthy than a diaper-wearing astronaut out to seemingly commit actual murder? I suppose. In a media arrangement where a movie director's drunken racial slur garnishes more attention than an intelligent expose of why WTC tower #7 dropped like a house of cards or governmental criminal negligence of duties, nothing is shocking or unbelievably vapid.

[edit on 10-2-2007 by 2nd Hand Thoughts]

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