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Intelligent Design

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 08:34 PM
Alright I guess im gonna write this story for you all.
Its about a guy who gets abducted. Maybe even more. I'll try to throw in some twists and turns so It keeps it intresting. This first part is just a prelude I guess, the actual parts will be longer. Enjoy.

Intelligent Design

It was Friday.
My 15-hour and seemingly-never-ending work shift was over.
My car sat in the sun and darkness every day and waited. Just waited for me to walk out and get in. Day out, Day In. Night out,...Day in. Every day lie predestined, predetermined. All known to be exactly the same as the next. From that moment...from the moment I walked out of the office...I felt the car wasnt the only one waiting for me. It was just one of those feelings.
You know, like you feel like your being watched. So I began walking to my car, and I felt something else. The feeling in which someone is directly behind you. I looked, and to what you would guess, there was absolutely nothing. The background of the city lit up in building lights, filtering the dark and keeping alive the cold, silent and distraught night.

I, I dont know how you could even begin to explain what I went through. Or where I went too! If you only knew how many times I've told this story. Maybe..maybe if people knew what I went through, they'd believe this story. Everytime I tell this, I get a blank expression They all say, "You expect me to believe this?", "This could be a good fiction book.", or "You need help." Something along those lines always end up being their re-action. So before you start listening, I want you to know, I dont expect you to believe any of this...

But for the record, maybe you should start.

To Be Continued

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posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 03:09 AM
Part 2

Five days pass. All the same. And now its Friday. I can enjoy something, finally. I wasn't different. Who was I? I was the typical American working man. I sat behind a desk all day waiting for someone to call me to wake me from a sudden nap. I was the guy, I was the American that pissed off Americans. I was the one guy you sweared to find and beat the living hell out of if he ever called and bothered you again. Regardless, I sit. I sit every day and bother hundreds of people. When your a kid you have dreams. I want to be a movie star, a rock star, but you never say to yourself I want to be working in an office. Sadly, life is unpredictable. Some people say they control their life, and some say their just riding along. I'm the beginning. I was brought into this average life before the ones whining about it were. I was the one protesting my surroundings. I had realized I am apart of the few that have no place in life. I knew the in's and out's and I definently knew I was far from fulfilling my dreams. So fragile we are.

I put my keys in the car door and pull. Peice of junk wont open. Every day we expierence that one embarrasing, what-was-that-for moment that destroys our confidence. Wether it be you strolling down the mall and your trip or stumble, or you find out unexplained bad news. You can't help but sit in frustration and speak those words. Why me?

I twist the jingling keys to the left and pull open the door. I could've slammed it harder. For a times being, I just sat and closed my eyes. I didnt sit in frustration, and ask why me. To be honest it wasn't that big of a deal. I start the ignition, and I turn up the radio. A long night equals a long drive home.
Have you ever heard of supernatural sightings, if you want to call them that. I used to sit at home and whenever something came on about ghosts or ufos, I sat and chuckled. I chuckled at the people claiming they've seen something. I couldn't help but to be a "disbeliever". You sit and see those people, and stare at them like their insane. You ask Where can I get some of that? Are they on something? Are they. Maybe. I spotted something in my left eye. Just in the corner, a light in the sky. So it arose. It was a plane, right? It must've been. Of course it was. Why does it have to be? Because thats what we were made to believe. You call these witnesses of call them whackjobs. So naturally, you just won't believe anything that proves they weren't crazy after all. Its your way or nothing.
The object stayed in sight as I drove. It stayed in focus. It drifted off into the sky. I drifted off. I was drifting off into sleep and I couldnt help it. So it was, I fell dead asleep and my lifeless body was at the wheel. I had no idea what was happening. While I sat and auditioned for a movie, or played a concert in front of millions, I was just a regular joe about to crash into a ditch. While I tapped my foot in nervousness reading a script, or tapped my foot to the beat of a song, I was just pushing down on the pedal going 65mph.

To Be Continued...

(feel free to leave comments or anything, unless you want me to post the whole story first)

posted on Feb, 12 2007 @ 04:09 PM
I guess my car was on fire.
I guess smoke filled it completely.
I guess I barely got out alive.

All because of my work, I had fallen asleep at the wheel.
My car sped straight into the ditch, my airbag popped. It slapped me in the face like every other date I had. And I still didnt wake up. My body fell limp into the passengers seat. I wasnt wearing a seatbelt, I mustve forget to put it on. I was bleeding. I remember opening my eyes and seeing red. Orange. Yellow. Red. Orange. Yellow. It was unclear with the smoke, but clear that my car was on fire and wasnt going to wait for me to walk out to reach its boiling point. The car was ready to explode, and was pleased to have me go along on the ride. But I wasnt pleased, I needed out. I leaned up and grabbed my head, but my shoulder was as just as messed up. My shoulder was a deep black, with a stream of blood to follow. I reached up with my other hand and put my hand on my head. It was the worst headache Id ever had. I didnt know if I was upside down or vertical. I saw the door and everything turned. I was now in the air falling out the car window and I took along a few scratches. I fell into the grass and closed my eyes. What was I doing? The car could still kill me in an explosion. Frustrated, I opened my eyes and started crawling. I wasnt crawling up the side of the ditch, but through it. I was still at the bottom, still crawling. I expected it to blow any second, but a second seemed to keep going. I was far enough, so I decided to watch it explode. The car I kept alot of valueables in, was destroyed and I could do nothing about it but sit back and watch. Then I learned I was still too close to the raging inferno. The car ripped open in a wave of flames and ember, the shock knocked me out of concious. Drops of fire rained upon the countryside, it seemed deserted. Nobody was around.

I awoke.
I was terrified and sweating.
After about 10 minutes I pulled enough strength out of me to limp upward and pull myself out of the ditch. I dropped silent to the pavement of the road and stared straight ahead. It was cold and quiet, and I was hurt badly. Nobody was around. I was helpless. I was the fish in the net of every sailors boat. After awhile It was pitch dark and I decided to start walking. Thats when I stopped and looked into the distance. A green light lit up the crops. The florescent beaming brightness streaming through stocks of corn.

I had no idea what I was witnessing.

To Be Continued...

posted on Feb, 14 2007 @ 04:17 PM
What was going through my mind?
Was everything that would go through anyones mind after witnessing something following you in the sky, and then a mysterious green light sprouting out of crops after you crashed your car into a ditch.
All in the middle of nowhere.

Aliens, Extra-Terrestrials, UFO's, Abductions, Green Big-Black-Round-Eyed Human-like creatures with ray guns,....Intelligent Design.

Of course, aren't green creatures just a stupid way to look at aliens? Is it not every doubters thought of what other life looks like? Maybe I was about to find out. Still, I didn't know because I was one of the doubters. I never bothered to take a minute of my precious life to ponder, wonder if we're not alone. Or, or if we're being watched. Simply, because I dont think were being watched. We are the lonesome only living creatures in our universe, despite its wide range. I think my outlook on aliens changed that night. It changed forever.

I stood wide eyed on the road to oblivion. The cold wind corressed my face and my hands turned pale. The aurora beamed in the fields, but without sound to accompany it, it wasn't as brilliant. It wasnt fireworks in the sky. Someone mixed up the cables, you just couldnt hear anything. Curiousity took the best of me. I started walking, slowly toward the crops. Step by step to the right, nearing another ditch where a fence stretched along the shadowed horizon. Then someone fixed the cables. A thrusting boom bursted in the crops, the road shook, it felt like an earthquake. I toppled to the cold pavement. "Im dreaming, this is..this isnt even real, this is dumb!" Except in my mind, It was the opposite. I was soaking in a pool of my own hypocricy. I told myself my mind was tricking me, but my mind was trying to tell me it wasnt.

The light was gone, it disapeared.
I took my time but got up and decided if the lights gone, any fear I had should be gone too. I walked over and ran down the ditch, stopping at the fence. The light had appeared about 100 feet ahead of me. It was far but wouldnt take long to get too. I jumped the fence and fell to the dirt below. I smashed my face against a fallen peice of corn on the ground. I dont know what it was, God, Karma, whoever it was, they couldnt get enough of watching me lose hope. They liked to rub it in. Explode my car, you rubbed it in. But litterly rub in a peice of dead corn into my face? Too far. I got up, aggravated but still curious, and regrouped myself. I started running, smacking the corn to the side so it wouldnt smack me in the face. I was there.

This was the spot. I clearly remembered, this was where the light was. Why wasnt it here? Was it a hallucination? No, it couldnt be. I look crazy. I was disapointed, but then happy. What if it was a dream! I was at work, I was at home in bed. I was asleep at the wheel, anything but this. No, I wasnt asleep, I was awake in the middle of a corn field with no ways of contact or transportation. I slumped down to the ground and put my hands in my face. I was just tired, and weak, I couldnt go on and do something now. I needed to rest. Maybe I would fall asleep and check for cars coming down the road in the morning. But what if one came while I sleeped? I hated having so many question in my mind, they kept me wondering and thinking. It made me feel depressed. I wanted a solution to the question, but could not get one.

I decided to lay down and go to sleep, wait for the sun to come up.
I closed my eyes, but they wouldnt stay shut for long. I heard rustling in the crops, movement. I opened my eyes a little, and peered through my half-shut eyelids. Something was in front of me. Should I Get up and defend myself...or wait. I was to weak to attack someone, to weak to defend myself. I lay still and saw a foot. What the...It wasnt..wasnt human. It was an animal, I thought., their were only two, like a human. I could hear my heart pounding through my chest.
I heard them. They were talking

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posted on Feb, 21 2007 @ 08:07 AM
Is this how the story ends?

There's no fullstop in the last sentence and you usually end the post with "To Be Continued". Just seems... odd.

Anyway, love the story so far. I really want to know how the story ends! Please continue as soon as possible. If there's more, obviously!!

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 06:17 PM
Lol thats not how it ends. I originally posted those parts on a different forum but wasnt getting feedback. I know feedbacks not all of it, but Its good to have lol.

I stopped there at the other forum, so Im going to continue either tonight or tommorrow. Good to know I have a reader/s.

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