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Convenient, or a tragic list of errors?

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 07:23 PM
How convenient.

You’ve got to ask youself, everything that has happened has been very ‘convenient’ for the Bush Administration.. Wouldn’t you say?

I mean…….
Isn’t it a bit too convenient that the US Administration missed all the Intel about a major terror attack?
Or is it more likely they felt it beneficial to allow the attacks, which would convince congress and the public to back a war, which they just happened to be wanting.....

Isn’t it convenient how the US had so many pieces of intelligence about Iraqi WMD’s and an Alqaeda tie, yet none of it turned out to be even remotely accurate?
Or is it more likely they felt it had to be perceived, that they believed this Intel, in order to get the public to back a war?

Isn’t it convenient we ‘missed’ Osama?
Or is it more likely, The Administration believes him being free, leaves the ‘terrorism’ axe hanging over Americans heads?

Isn’t it convenient, that Vice President Cheney, happened to believe in the Iraqi threat, which has resulted in him making a fortune of $80,000,000.00 of this ‘mistake’
Or is it more likely, he pushed for war, based on faulty evidence knowing he would profit the way he has?

So, we missed the evidence showing us an attack was imminent, which resulted in public support for a war.
We stuffed up the intelligence painting Iraq as a threat, which allowed us to INVADE and occupy.
We missed Osama, which kept the public ‘scared’

And ‘fortunately’ the vice president just happens to of made $80,000,000.00

There's only so many times, someone can make a mistake, which 'conveniently' allows them to benefit of it, before it becomes suspicous!

Does this not ring any alarms in people’s heads?

Isn’t it obvious, that ‘we the people’ are being played for complete idiots?

They purposely led us down this path, believing Iraq would be quick buck made.
What was it rummsfield said

“It is unknowable how long that conflict [the war in Iraq] will last. It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months.” – D. Rummsfield

The Bush administration will have you believe, they are sure of victory in Iraq.
They honestly thought they could topple Iraq, install a puppet and profit of it within a matter of months.

They truth is, they performed one of the most diabolical schemes ever committed in the history of Western civilisation, they murdered hundreds of thousands, while devastating one of the most sacred places in religion all for money.

They have created such a crisis, in an area that has such potential to ruin economies that has left the world scratching its head on how to even achieve success.

When are people going to realise, Iraq was never meant to last this long, or escalate so badly? We have been led into a conflict, and abandoned by our leaders, while they run off with the spoils of war!
Throwing the economy into Trillions of DEBT which the children of todays people are going to spend their lives paying off?

When are people going to realise, that this fiasco has the potential to RUIN the United States of America?
Hundereds of thousands of souls have been delivered into the afterlife, based on these ‘mistakes’ all the while the leaders of your country make MILLIONS of dollars…
Not millions for Companies, or for the country.. but for THEMSELVES!!!!

America, made the world what it is today.
They landed on the moon, they invented computers, and developed the world.
They invented the nuclear bomb, stealth, how in gods name has such a smart people been tricked so badly?
How is it they STILL refuse to achnowledge it? There’s no shame in saying you were tricked, the sooner America UNITES in the understanding that you were indeed misled, lied too, tricked and deceived into the Iraq war, the quicker the world will recover from this haneous slaughter.

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