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the Internet is the Penicillin of the villain

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posted on Feb, 10 2007 @ 09:31 AM
First I'd like to touch on the fact that America is based on capitalism and everyone has come up with scam's to scam honest people out of their money.
Now there are websites on google that people can share they're anger towards scammers and join as a community.

That's 1 way the internet has helped bring down criminals.

Now for Bush/Clinton drug dealing nazi ties domestic terrorist's, we all know what they're up to thanks to the internet.

I read somewhere on this board that the internet was something knew and these crook's did not know that the internet would be born in the 1990's.

It only took 10 year's for everyone to learn how to use the internet, now the honest, the truthful, have a weapon against the criminals of the world.

Even cellphone's work great not to mention skype.

As technology makes it easier for criminals to carry out mass destruction, it also help's the good people carry out mass information for peaceful purposes.

Eventually people will be so afraid that word will get out that they are doing bad deeds that they will have to go out of there way to become invisible not only on the internet but in society as well, if they were to do something wrong.

the Internet is the Penicillin of the villain.


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