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Exploitation of the human mind

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posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 04:57 AM
This article looks at the possibility of the human mind being virtually... into a vegetable, stick with me here it isn't as stupid as it sounds. I am highly sceptical of this in every ethical way possible but we are only talking in terms of relative theory here. Thank god, literally.


This is a topic that could in the future be one of the most fundamental achievements if not the greatest concern to the human race. Imagine a world where people are just objects, its been thought of before, but is impossible to imagine as a reality. My mind would lose control as would anyones, everything i knew would fall apart. In other words i would be stuck in reality while the rest of my friends, family and everyone in the world would be gone. With no humans i would be starved of human interaction ,sensory deprivation.

Making a human into a vegetable

The truth lies within the construct of the brain but would require some hundreds of years of designing to implement a brain with no personality. If we can imagine the brain has two parts for explanation reasons only, we can explain how in theory a brain could become like any other object. This would mean the following processes would have to be taken:

1. Locating the brain's personality side through the DNA in each of every cell. This could be the hardest part and would mean mapping every one of a humans individual DNA parts and its patterns and basically and idea of how it works, currently underway right now in Cambridge (Human Genome Project).

2. Finding a way of extracting the personality inside the DNA and exploiting this to eliminate it. If anything we could only hope they use a clone! The most theoretically easy way would be by finding core DNA if it even exists so that other strands follow the modification. This may not be possible however.

3. Finally having taken away the personality and its links you would be left with a vegetable. Quite literally there would be no intelligence inside this 'thing' - it would just be a computer doing processes, or could be added to. Scary stuff.

What has happened so far that suggests this could happen in the future

Firstly the Genome project has proven many secrets, and its greatest secret is that there are always new ways of innovating to get us around the barriers to human development, cloning was once considered impossible. They were wrong. What many people would say to my 'conspiracy of the mind' is that it is actually so impossible that it would never happen and that in fact it was closer to a sheer eight lettered offensive word starting with b rather than a far fetched reality. If the mind changes in every second to what we do and is a proven fact then there is nothing stopping a change on a larger scale unless of course the mind cannot take such stress. But then again we hit the reality that if there is no brain there is no feeling. So it would be like any computer. Well i certainly dont have any hour long discussions with my computer about there being no others to talk to, yet.

A few basic examples are hypnosis and torture, both used to weaken the human mind to allow people to slip through. This has been used in the Middle East & China where people are brain washed so much that they lose their current personality and their memory! This way of lowering our defensive system is also seen in the basic form of hypnosis, which the latest star Edward Newton the person who taught Paul McKenna uses. Hypnosis as he defines should be used carefully however, hypnosis is a way of accessing the mind but has dangerous effects if abused as it is basically relaxing the mind so much they give whatver you ask of them. So this shows that the mind can adapt and that it is only a matter of time before the brain can used as well as accessed and changed, which frighteningly is already happening.

An uncertain future

Humans have the ability to manipulate almost anything even how they work, it is a fact, so what is our future?


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