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The Eight Evil Minds by Amitakh Stanford

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 01:11 AM
Here is a piece i have appreciated greatly by Amitakh Stanford about the origins of evil. I feel it may be of interest to some. I feel it will be of great value to True Beings of the Light.

All beings of the Light should feel inside their hearts and deep inside their beings for what is right. You should try to overcome programmed indoctrination and prejudice in search for the Truth. The TRUTH is WITHIN.

The piece is located here :

Here is an introductory excerpt to, perhaps, peak your interest.

The Eight Evil Minds


Amitakh Stanford

(republished from the Nara site)

25th January 2006

Many think of Darkness as an absolute principle of Evil. This is not strictly so. Some people think Darkness is the ignorant, unawakened part of oneself. Still others think of Darkness as the shadowy part of the self that is temporarily separated from the Divine. Whatever concept of Evil humans have put forward throughout the ages, the fact remains that there is no complete, absolute explanation of Evil. This is partly because Evil, like the concept of God, is not something humans can properly explain with their limited understanding, especially under the constraint of using words as their means of expression. Hence, in this article my explanations of some very complex and esoteric issues are highly simplified. Further, analogies are used to try to make the explanations more understandable to the physical minds. Therefore, they will not be perfectly adequate explanations.

The most dangerous misconception about Evil is that It is believed to be necessary in order to balance the Light. This misconception actually justifies Darkness and is a deadly trap. It locks people into tolerating, and, worse still, embracing Evil, thus giving Evil the same glory and importance as Light. If that be the case, there would be no need to fight Evil, there would be no need to counteract Evil, and there would be no need to work on oneself towards Purity and goodness. If Evil were necessary to balance Light, then one's house should be open indiscriminately to marauders as well as friends at all times.

The Light is A-itu, which means "The Eternal Flame".

Darkness has several representatives who make up an assembly of thoughts from the various beings. These thoughts are extremely putrid and form the "circle" of Darkness. The energy assembled in the "circle" of Darkness becomes the total mind of Darkness - the Evil Mind.

It is from the Evil Mind that all Evil forms are created and projected into the realms of Darkness. The Evil Mind is a mind of total Evil. There is no Light in the Evil Mind. The Evil Mind is the total mind of eight high beings of Light who have embraced Darkness. These eight beings of Light, are now, for all intents and purposes, beings of Darkness. For want of a better description, they are called the eight evil minds. Each of them expresses extreme deception, cruelty and filth. They are so cunningly deceptive and evil that pure beings are easily deceived by them because pure beings have difficulties comprehending Evil.

Thus, it has taken extreme laboured efforts and Love for the Light to study Evil in order to gain sufficient understanding of Evil so that It can be effectively combated. Many people believe that love conquers all, but Love does NOT conquer all in this realm of Virtual Reality controlled by Evil. In fact, Love cannot conquer Evil in this evil creation. Love can only appear to conquer Evil in this Evil realm because Evil surreptitiously manipulates, suffocates, exploits and abuses True Love for Its own selfish purposes. It has often been observed that when Love no longer serves Evil's purposes, Evil can turn and reveal Its ugly face without remorse or conscience. It is only the viable True-Light beings who can be touched by True Love in this Virtual Reality...

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

posted on Apr, 5 2009 @ 02:11 PM
Re the xeatwelve website conducted by Amitakh Stanford.
It is defamatory and contains lies.
She has Alukar heights Animal Refuge mentioned (assumed to be located near Stanthorpe Qld australia). This place has been investigated by government inspectors and found not to exist.
The stanfords have been collecting donations for animals they not not have in any sanctuary. They dumped the animals in kind peoples homes and continued to collect donations for them.
This shows that although Amitakh might have been a genuine person once, now things are very different.
Do not believe what you read on the xeatwelve website. It is only set up for personal gain and to get attention. She is now a spoilt bitter woman who wants her own way.
Do not give money to these people.

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