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Reported UFO Near Hackensack New Jersey (From ATS Contact Form)

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 01:13 PM

Reported UFO Near Hackensack New Jersey

We've received another report of a UFO via our contact form, this time from someone in New Jersey.

Email we received:

Hackensack NJ 2 miles from Teterboro Airport at about 12 pm- In the first
sequence in adobe photoshop album starter edition 3 (I found this nice free
program over the internet ,just thought it would be more explanatory this
way, you might need to download it for free ,I hope not ,sorry)

In "shadow of an ufo " One fast moving object shows about the third frame of
a sequence of 4 pictures at the time, my digital camera was in "outburst
mode", it was positioning itself after being caught in the camera? I keep
asking this to myself just trying to find out an explanation to its peculiar

In the second sequence "shadowofanufosequence" minutes later I kept taking
pictures in outburst mode so here we have 8 pictures this time toghether
with separation of a few longer seconds after the the first 4 out of 8 due
to camera recovering to keep shooting .

In the first one you will find 2 almost imperceptible shadows at left of
the airplane,

in the second one I know for sure that was a small bird by the cloud

3rd one bird on left and the shadow of an ufo shows on top of the ejecutive
jet I was facing north east more less, the Teterboro airport is behind me at
about 2 miles

In the 4th one the ufo is at left almost imperceptible, just to show farther
to my left and ,I would say at a constant distance to the airplane which I
was following as a reference

In the fifth, the thing just going up to finally dissapear in the last ones
but leaving the airplane as a reference.

Now , what I'm going to say is on all sincerity, That morning I
started feeling this characteristic anxiety that just hapens to me in very
specific moments, something compelled me to go out and shot with the
camera -at specific areas- Nothing was seen by me at the moment of the
first 4 pictures in the first sequence nor the second, just afterwards. But
I knew that the outburst would capture whatever was flying by very fast.

I waited for about less than five minutes and this airplane showed
up......but that wasn't my interest, something told me to shoot more to the
left..You can appreciate this facts by the pictures ,again at the moment I
was only able to see the ejecutive jet, and through the back of my digital
camera's small liquid crystal window that's why I know a bird was around
which at the moment I could see very well defined, not as a black spot like
in the pics but it was closer over the roof of the house .......only
afterwards trying to find out about the quality of the pictures in my
computer I realized that "something" was there......

About 2 days later I had the same compulsion to go out and enjoy the chilly
clear beautiful day ,against my usual ways.....Then this thing showed up
over the roof of my apt complex on my right while seated looking more to my
right in comparison to the pictures ,there is a small wall where you can sit
and look towards Hackensack .

It was like a distortion in the air with a dark bottom, I was looking at it
at an angle it was passing by just barely over the roof of the apartment
complex , slow silent , I clean up my eyes not believing it, then it kept
going towards Hackensack in a diagonal direction from my position , then a
flock of small birds passed in front of it I mean this thing was far behind
them but I was able to compare and notice the definitive solid
characteristics of this ovoid ,lenticular body with no sharp edges,not like
an egg How was it so clear like blurry like looking at the floor of a hot
dessert and still have a shadow underneath? yet I'm not being able to
completely describe it I'm at a loss of words , specially at that moment
already thinking "This thing is checking me out!!".....The speed is what
puzzles me, slow yet fast enough to dissapear in less than a minute very
easy, due to the difficult and I mean difficult time trying to keep focusing
on it at a distance I finally lost it , it just blended with the blue sky in
the background with very separated clouds ,it was a sunny day around 10 am.

That above is the end of my story ,feel free to contact me and correct
grammatical mistakes etc, if something is not clear, my mother language is
spanish .

Now this pics were send to Rossana Tejeda from mexico and director of "el
durmiente de orizaba" group and website ("The orizaba sleeper" ,name is due
to a dormant volcano, being this one of the dominant features of the area
and the city of Orizaba in Veracruz , Mexico )
I decided to contact her finally tired of seeing and living things that I
can't explain and I have been ignoring since my childhood , but for the past
2 years I've decided it was enough.
I've seen the black manta flying over North Bergen NJ in broadaylight in
company of 2 more people that was in 2000....Imagine how I felt after what
hapened on 911.....Rense didn't responded nor Jaime Maussan from Mexico ,but
the experience is in NUFORC .......and after my ex-wife cracking up at my
efforts I decided to keep it to myself ,Police? forget it, I felt
ridiculous......but what if? then the skyes of NY would've been
safer??.....Then it became traumatic to me , Making me comeback from
Michigan to help clean in the world trade center, I was rejected for
security reasons , You can tell know how lucky I was .....everybody else is
dying of lung disease.

I wouldn't dare to come out before due to the 911 incident,then again
someone made a fake ufo video sighting around the towers......that sealed it
for me, I was done.

I was living where I was able to see the towers everytime I had to take my
dog for a walk,on Boulevard East and around the James J. Braddock
Park,and......... more recently, coming from Ontario in company of a friend
around "five fingers lake " or by Rochester NY,we had an episode of "missing
time" .......3 hours.....I wouldn't know ,but this friend is gifted with
number calculation ,he never accepts miscalculating something,he rarely make
a mistake , this was most disturbing to him , we have lost contact he
started behaving different towards me I hate to say it but he expressed that
"something" was following me all the time......I knew him for 20 years.

[personal info removed]

I think that is important to set record about this peculiar "optical effect".
on this object , if it wasn't for the pics you could easily just forget
about it thinking it didn't hapened .

Images (1024x768):

The source PDF Slide Show will be made available by request only. ATS will not provide executable files for general download.

This material is provided 'as is' with no claim of authenticity.

posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 03:47 PM
Any photo people want to tackle this one? I'm having difficulty seeing what the submitter is talking about in most of the pics, although I do see some sort of faint, dark anomoly in a couple of them. Maybe someone can enhance/enlarge object of curiosity?

posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 03:57 PM
I can't see what i'm supposed to see here...where's that object?


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