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BoBs & BoVs BS

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posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 06:10 AM
I notice on this forum and others most folks are concerned about guns, equipment, vehicles they own and disaster scenarios.

Items you set your self up to be dependent on for survival is risky business. Especially medical supplies, what will u do if your missing your med kit and get hit with a serious infection? pneumonia?

The most important, information and education, seem generic and I swear all the sites I visit share the same "notes".

Would anyone here be interested in thorough write ups on these subjects?

medical and medicinal information?

Farming staples?


Radio communications?

currency and trade?

There are so many topics that apply to survival and self sufficiency. I have no problem writing a few articles, I just see thread counts and posts on educational info here very very low compared to "check out my BoB" threads and it kills my motivation.

So let me know if your interested and any topics you may be interested in.



posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 07:06 AM
you raise a valid point. most people in disaster situations don't spend much time in combat. the quantity and quality of the guns, knives, and such you have stockpiled is not of a great help if you don't face a horde of opponents, and i have yet to see a combat zone anywhere in the world where any 10 year old kid did not have an ak or something equivalents getting guns is not a real problem. knowledge on the other hand something you can't but at the store and use out of the box. when i retired i moved to a rural area so we could have a buffer from the greatest threat , cities and city people. we have a garden and barn , wood burning stove and a wood lot. i have been given free of charge emergency training and equipment ( clothes, radios, gps, first responder medical training, survival and land navigation training and much much more ) by being a volunteer firefighter and a medic for the local sheriff's search and rescue team. i also read and try to practice low tech skills : wood working, blacksmithing, ect... there are a great many sources for this like backwoods home magazine, the old mother earth news and such and there are tons of books on how to do just about anything( something everybody should try is if something is broke fix it yourself). i really blows my mind when i see how many people don't even know how to use simple hand tools, I'm not talking rocket science here just screwdrivers and hand saws hammers and nails pliers and bailing wire, hell man who do you think you are going to call if something breaks in the situations we all talk about here. guns and gear are great and i have my share and possably a bit more but skills of day to day living are what is going to save your skin not just marksmanship.

posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 03:07 PM
The issue of guns is a dead issue and nobody brings it up anymore. Those who want them carry them those who don't don't. That discussion has been solved. The issue of vehicles owned is pretty much a dead issue to. except for a recent motorcycle thread, witch I enjoyed by the way. Other then that were not having alot of vehicle talk on here. disaster scenarios must be talked about to get people thinking. if people don't think about what could happen then they wont know that they might need what you want to write about. As for equipment it is in the same boat as disaster scenarios discussions. The Topics you wish to write about are very much needed but so are those topics you are downing as unmotivated. Topics like the BOB discussion bring in a lot of new folks desperate for information and most people start with a BOB. So before you down the BOB topic think first about what it does. if you don't want to talk about it don't go to the thread its simple and basic.

Now that ive got that off my chest.

You have voted NSBiz for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

I feel the topicks you want to write about should be written, they are desperetly needed. As I said above thow we cant forget the basicks like a BOB. Personally I never tire of reading artickls on emergency communication.
Hint Hint!
medical and medicinal information is very lacking aswell but I feel thats because of the nature of it. You give a person the wrong advise it could cost them there life, and I think alot of people are afrade to write about that because of that reason.
I have an interest in the rest of the subjects you mentioned aswell but the two above are what I really crave accurate easy to digest information on.


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