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Nanotext Holographic Printing Gets 30 Times Smaller

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 03:01 PM

On February 1, Toppan Printing unveiled new nanotext printing technology for inserting microscopic text into holographic images.
The company says they plan to use nanotext to provide an extra layer of security to their “Crystagram” holographic anti-counterfeit technology.
Test production is set to begin later this month.

Toppan’s holographic nanotext printing uses electron beams (EB) to print characters 30 times smaller than possible with existing “microtext” technology.
With a resolution of about 100 nanometers, it is now possible to print more than 20 holographic characters in a space the width of a human hair (about 80 microns).

Holograms have long been used as an effective method for preventing the counterfeit of items ranging from gift certificates to credit cards to luxury brand products, but organizations find themselves locked into a race with counterfeiters that are quick to adopt new technologies.
Nanotext, Toppan argues, provides the next hurdle for counterfeiters to overcome.

Pink Tentacle

Now this will probably be boring to some, and I'll admit it's no
the most interesting thing to me, but none the less it still has

Basically this new technique will help make credit cards and
other things that use nanotext holographics more secure and
make it harder for counterfeiters to, well counterfeit.

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