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Bush's speech to Wall Street

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 07:11 PM

"The fact is that income inequality is real. It has been rising for more than 25 years," the president said. "The earnings gap is now twice as wide as it was in 1980," Bush said, adding that more education and training can lift peoples' salaries

Government should not decide the compensation for America's corporate executives," he said. "But the salaries and bonuses of CEOs should be based on their success at improving their companies and bringing value to their shareholders."

In effect starting last month, the rules give investors access to clearer and more detailed information from public companies on their top executives' pay packages and perks. Their impact will become apparent as corporations begin issuing 2006 annual reports.

"America's corporate boardrooms must step up to their responsibilities," Bush said. "You need to pay attention to the executive compensation packages that you approve. You need to show the world that America's businesses are a model of transparency and good corporate governance."


Bush sounded a bit like Bill Clinton there for a moment.
Its to bad that Bush has cut back Education funding and has been caught up in a disaster that he created.

Unless ID is stamped out and not taught in schools that receive government funding the Americas future scientists and future inventors will be the laughing stock of the world.


posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 07:22 PM
hmm, I agree the corporate CEO packages and salaries are insane but keep in mind that person may have gotten there through hard work. what's really impacting business and the individual is the US federal tax code, it's insane. they have to comply with this tax code and it retards individual growth and business. we dont even have a border adjustable tax so our products compete at a disadvantage in global markets by a large %, this tax code forces business overseas and encourages outsourcing just to be able to compete yet bush lectures big business?

bush's tax panel lied about the fairtax which is pro-business and pro individual liberty so my suggestion for that fake conservative is to get on board and advocate to replace our current tax code with the fairtax bill HR.25, he would do this if he really cared about our domestic situation. everything else is nothing but bush running his mouth piece like he did at the state of the union.

also keep in mind xpert that the worlds top colleges and universities are located here in the US.

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