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Trichotomous Omni-verse : 3 visions to Existence

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 11:14 AM
We are revealing the work that is to come, work that can Be done by all of Us. Look at the word, comprehend the word, make sense of the word. Do Not just under-stand it, then it can Be over-sit; you see? We can pay attention with awareness to Our thoughts, Our words, and Our ideas. It is from these words, ideas, thoughts and concepts that We mold Our realities.

We can Not begin to sacrifice truth for simplicity, in essence We are sacrificing the Existence of the human species for temporary simplicity. Please contribute to this quest to solve humanity's problems. The energy that We use to meditate with, think with and speak with can Be better focused if better comprehended.

The 3 views of Existence are as follows : 1.) Illusion = the awareness of only limitation, or of the unlimited, too, but Not accepting of the unlimited as truth, 2.) reality = the awareness of only the unlimited, or of the unlimited and the limited, but Not accepting of the limited as truth, 3.) Existence = The acceptance of Both limited and unlimited, the Omni-verse, the awareness of all words, ideas and concepts. Knowing that Existence has No beginning and No end, that there is No "bubble shaped uni-verse", and that We are the Omni-verse; an Outfinite paradise.

Important note: All words containing the prefix "in-" are saying that they are "in" the meaning of the suffix. See below.

In, -ner = Opposite of out. To Be in-side, to Be in-sides. Example : To Be in a tri-angle, the tri-angle which has sides.

Out, -ter = Opposite of in. To Be out-side, to Be out of sides. Example : To Be out of a tri-angle, the tri-angle which has sides.

Omni-??? = All words and concepts dealing with the idea of in and out. (There is No thing in-side of Existence because there is No thing out-side of Existence; there is No in and there is No out, Existence is)

In-divi-dual, -ity, -ness = In-divided-duality, when We divide(d) We create(d) separation.

In-finite = In the finite

Out-finite = Out of the finite

Omni-finite = All words and concepts dealing with the idea of finiteness, including Out-finite.

In-formation = To Be in a formation. Example : The birds flew in-formation; when we noticed the planes they were in-formation.

Always = All-ways or in all ways

Super-natural = More than natural. There is No more than natural. Existence is natural.

In-dependence = In the dependence of some thing; brought about through division. This is Not freedom. We are all in the dependence of the government.

Be-little = To Be little, or small in size.

Perfection = Existence, Outfinity, Eternity.

Down-right = The opposite of up-left.

Down = Opposite of up.

Up = Opposite of down.

Middle = All directions.

Left = Opposite of right.

Right = Opposite of left. (does Not mean "correct", or left would mean "un-correct")

In-correct = In-correctness. To Be correct.

Un-correct = Not correct; perceived from the reality of illusion.

Omni-correct = All words and concepts dealing with the idea of correctness, including Un-correct.

Pre-sent = Prior to sent or sending.

Ab-sent = To send the abs? Sending the stomach? All definitions of the pre-fix "ab-" joined with the suffix/word/meaning of sent.

Pre-fix = Prior to fixing.

Under-stand = Opposite of over-sit. To stand under some thing. Example : When I stand on the Earth's surface, I under-stand the clouds. I am standing-under the clouds.

Over-sit = Opposite of under-stand. To sit over some thing. Example : When I sit higher than the ground that is neath me, I over-sit the ground. I am sitting-over the ground.

E-tern-al = E-turn-all. E is the fifth letter of the English alphabet. All turn to the fifth world, the world of No time: Mayan Prophecy.

In diss-ecting the word We find they are lacking true meaning and are completely un-consistent in and of themselves. Consistent in their consistent un-consistency, but consistent and un-consistent synchronistically. (More words to come, and more languages to add a variety of cross language definitions)

Love Us all. Love is all, it simply comes in lesser degrees for some. Show them a higher magnitude, Be-cause and watch effect, We are Us =)

Additions are appreciated

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 05:07 PM
as interesting as all of the post is L.O.V.E., i don't see how this is an education issue
maybe FST would be the appropriate forum for this

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 10:40 AM

Originally posted by madnessinmysoul
as interesting as all of the post is L.O.V.E., i don't see how this is an education issue
maybe FST would be the appropriate forum for this

Thank you for your response. Perhaps a moderator could move it if its material desires such a move. Thanks for the awareness

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 10:51 AM
Sub-stance = Synonym to under-stand? Sub - meaning under or below and stance referring to standing and/or a position.

Con-tent = Con - meaning to oppose or diss-agree. Tent - meaning a portable shelter. Opposed to portable shelter? Odd reasoning that this word is usually used to explain a collection of material and/or a feeling of mellow satisfaction?

In-fidelity = To Be IN fidelity, to Be IN faithfullness. Often wrongly used to describe un-faithfullness (why not "in"-faithfullness?) Should probably Be un-fidelity.

More to come, Been busy playing with the dog, the cat, the wife, and the kid, enjoy!

Hope this can Be a stepping stone to fully comprehending and revising the English language/consciousness

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 12:06 PM
This post is important. Are We programmed to hate each other through Our language? Are We programmed to all ways diss agree through con-versing? If so, We have programmed Ourselves and it is Our responsibility to re-program and awaken.

Con-verse, -ed, -ation, -ing, -able, -ion, -ly

Converse- To engage in sharing thoughts, ideas etc. To talk.

Converse - To reverse or make opposite, to turn around.

Con - An argument apposed to a proposal. To oppose, to argue against. A fraud. A convict. To study and examine care fully, to learn and commit to memory.

Verse - Metrical poetry. Art or work of a poet; words, writing.


Con-verse - To study, examine, learn, and commit to memory arguing and fraudulent opposition of Our poetry, words and/or writing and talking while sharing opinions/thoughts etc.

Opposition is Existentially fraudulent as We are all together and there is Not a thing to oppose except for opposition, which sends opposition in to extinction.

Could it Be any wonder that politicians and leaders love CON-versing?

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 11:42 AM
Re-member - This word is showing Us that previously We were members to and of some thing. We are re-membering Our consciousness which raises Our awareness of Existence and connectedness to all.

Re-membering in some ways is synonomous with re-cognizing - To Be in a state of constant growing awareness.

Though cognition is Not synonomous with the definition of member referring to "member-ship". The "member-ship" of Existence is an awareness brought about through fully functioning cognitive mechanics (relative ambidextrousism [dyslexia is a gift, Not a diss order]).

Con-sider, -ing, -ed, -s, ation, -ate - deem/ed to Be

Con - An argument apposed to a proposal. Opposition, argue. A fraud. A convict. To study and examine care fully, to learn and commit to memory.

Side - area, or point as identified location relative from referenced space of perception ( NEW )

Finally :

1.) Con-sider, -ing, -ed, -s, ation, -ate - Opposing and argumentative to position(s) (of space), referenced from relative position(s) (of space)

posted on Feb, 9 2007 @ 06:28 PM

De- : De - meaning to mal or spoil, to Be rid of, to decay.

1.) Do or make the opposite of; reverse: decriminalize.
2.) Remove or remove from: delouse; deoxygenate.
3.) Out of: deplane; defenestration.
4.) Reduce; degrade: declass.
5.) Derived from: deverbative.

Sire - A fatherly figure. Often used to refer to the male parent Main Entry: 1sire
Pronunciation: 'sI(&)r
Function: noun
: the male parent of an animal and especially of a domestic animal

Main Entry: 2sire
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Forms: sired; sir·ing
: to procreate as the male parent of

The word de-sire is clearly stating, through majority of its defining definitions of pre-fix de- and suffix sire; to ruin the male figure and/or it is referring to the female figure through definition 1 that states to "make opposite of"


In- : a prefix of Latin origin, corresponding to English un-... In French, in- became en- and thus occurs unfelt in such words as enemy (French ennemi, Latin inimicus. Literally, not friendly). If en means Not, then nemi means friendly, nemi is Not a word in the French language, though ami means friend. Perhaps en-ami would Be correct for the true French translation. Now We have to question the word en-joy, which would obviously equate to: Not joy.

In my personal experiences with the French language Non means No.

Stance- : A specified philosophical position and/or a placing of the feet.

Instance : Not standing and/or having No philosophical or phsychological position on a subject

The other side

For fairness.


Des - used in French names as a contraction of de and the article les. French translation is "of the".

ire - a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. intense anger; wrath. Belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong (personified as one of the deadly sins).

Des-ire : of the strong emotion. Of the feeling of grievance. Of the intense anger; wrath. Of one of the deadly sins; belligerence.

If we are to use des-ire correctly, which would appear to Be definition number one, "of the strong emotion". Then let Us present a sentence.

1.) I of the strong emotion ice cream : I des-ire ice cream. Still very unconsistent with how We have come to know the use of des-ire.

2.) Currently I am of the strong emotion for ice cream. Currently I am des-ire for ice cream. Des-ire for ice cream? Still, very unconsistent with how We have come to use the word des-ire, or de-sire. Both are Not working.

We can mix this word up any way that We desire, but the best it comes to is ire by its self. A strong emotion, that is, if We are referring to definition number one.

If We allow Our self to Be the word, to actually personify the meanings and have the meanings personify Us instead of Being out of the words. We are coming

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