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Plundering of the USA

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posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 07:54 AM
The USA is like a lemon that is being squeezed dry, its people are being robbed of their wealth, their homes, they are being murdered all to line the pockets of the chosen ones.

The media, film industry, banking, politics all are controlled by the Jews, American citizens are dying to protect Isreal, whilst Israel receives billions in free money every year many Americans are on the breadline and without work.

After 9/11 a Jewish business man made billions from the destruction of the world trade centre and the deaths of thousands, a man who had only purchased the buildings a few months before and who no doubt knew what was going to happen. And 9/11 itself, a Zionist plot to further the Jewish Century.

I struggled to think why Americans are so blind in their patriotism and beliefs but when you look at the film industry and the media and see who controlls it you start to understand why the American people are being brainwashed and have been so for decades.

The country is in trillions of debt most of which is owed to Jewish bankers so it begs the question when will the plug be pulled on the money supply. America in every way is owned by the Jews. They are like a swarm of locusts that settle on a country and strip it bare or more aptly like the film Independance Day, an alien life force coming to suck the Earth dry.

The ADL has been set up to smother any who challenge the Jews or what they are up to, no other race of people has such an organisation. The ADL is the very opposit to democracy and freedom of speech, why, why is such an organisation allowed to exist. Now they want to make it law in more and more countries that you cannot discuss the holocaust, why, are the Zionists scared that we will find out that they were the ones behind it, that they were ready to sacrifice their own people for profit and gain.

The Talmud preaches hate and racism, we the gentiles it says are lower than beasts of the field and should be treated as such. I dont hear anyone sreaming about this religeous book like they do about the Koran.

The history of the Jews is that they are a persecuted people, is that beacuse of what they have done to an indigenous people and their country.
Is that the real reason, not that their persecuted but that they are like a leech sucking the life blood out of the country and the people want to get rid of them, maybe thats the real reason for their persecution. Their history is replete with such activities.

PNAC the invention of Zionists, the Jewish Century or in lay mans terms we the Zionists are going to use you the American people to fight and plunder the World on our behalf. And when we have finished with you we will leave you broken and destitute.


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