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My Visit to an Art Show

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 04:49 PM
I just recently went to an art show and had some questions about why they choose to display artworks in a certain way.

This was an art show that displayed works of an architectural and interior designer.

Description of a section for the art show (all about a house):

There is a large plasma tv showing a 7 minute video slide show of black and white photographs of rooms in the house. Photos are in order - for example: FIrst slide are the front gates of house, second slide is front yard, third is the windows and so forth. From time to time, the camera zooms in and pans around the photo focusing on certain parts.

Next to the tv, there are some original floor plans of the house

Next to those there are 3 black and white photographs of rooms in the house (these were also shown in the video slideshow). Photos are not framed.

So heres my question. What was the purpose of the video slide show? To give us a virtual tour of the house? If that is so, then why not show us a video that walks into the rooms and such instead of still photos. Also why use black and white photos instead of colored ones?

Why was the "original" floorplans placed between the tv and photographs? I wanted to point out original because the tv and photographs are reproductions of the house

Any comments, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


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