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Brace Yourselves, fellas!

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 11:42 PM
Hello all, from "Julian" down here in Louisiana and whom has a Medical Tiger by the tail and in fact, HAS had for 30 years now. In 1977, I broke the Nazis' WW-II "Master Race Plan Code" and in so doing, discovered a heretofore unknown Genetic Law that explains and can predict EVERY Birth Defect known to Mankind AND how to avoid every last one of them.

The Copyrighted System is called "The Jullan Co-incidence" and anyone can use and apply it within their OWN Families to produce Superior Offspring IF they understand and follow the simple Julian RULES.

Doing an Easily-Provable, Valid Double-Blind Study of just about ANY Medical Problem with Julian is ungodly simple and easy and may be accomplished by only ONE person with a computer, in one afternoon.

Interested parties who follow Innovative Research are welcome to inquire at NO Charge whatsoever. I am not selling a thing. My Findings are FREE and some may drop their teeth when they learn WHERE these Answers are easily found.

I CAN tell anyone this: Lab Researchers are looking in the WRONG darn places to begin with, completely spinning their wheels; the Answers they desperately seek are to be found in a THEORY, NOT in Test Tubes. How the heck would you "cure" a Genetic Mistake, anyway?

If encouraged, from time to time, I may drop hints in right here and let's just see who has an Open Mind to something NEW (but really isn't new) that is simple, cheap, easy and anyone can do it...and it makes total sense, once someone sees how Julian Works.

Here's your First Clue: Long ago, people lived to be hundreds or even thousands of years old. I know HOW they DID that and HOW it could be accomplished once again, simply by following Julian Rules.

I'd wager that John Lear would like to know HOW that back then, people lived extremely-long lives and thus, Space Travel was nothing more than a bus ride.

I've tried unsuccessfully to gain the Attention of our Official National, Funded Researchers in Government here, but Sacred Cows don't necessarily want to lose their fat jobs once Answers pop up. Perhaps someone else may want to examine my Claims. Downs Syndrome, for example, is EASILY Avoidable and I can show anyone HOW. with ONE word.

Here's your Homework Assignment: Go to ANY Cemetery, bring a pen and paper and write down the Dates of BIRTH of people in there AND their Dates of DEATH and you will find that MOST of them DIED on the SAME Day of the Week that they were BORN. hmmm. (Now why is THAT?) This was your First Clue.

More Clues shall be forthcoming.

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 11:45 PM
Sounds neato!
Let's hear more...

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by Julian Answers...How the heck would you "cure" a Genetic Mistake, anyway?

In vivo gene therapy (e.g. see RPE65 gene replacement in Canis familiaris)

Originally posted by Julian Answers..Here's your First Clue: Long ago, people lived to be hundreds or even thousands of years old.

Wasn't Methuselah the longest-lived human at 969 years?

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 12:57 AM
This sounds like an advertisement. Why don't you just spill the beans instead of giving vague clues?

And how do you know people lived for hundred of years? Because it says so in the Bible? Could an explanation be that years then were measured by lunar cycles? 13 cycles per sun year.

Adam lived for 930 years which would be 71.5 years using the lunar cycle.

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