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American Take Over of Iraq Thwarted By Ordinary Iraqis

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:34 PM
It has finally dawned on me what is happening in Iraq. On March 18, 2003, the American government with the full and collaborative concurrence of the UK’s PM Tony Blair plus other “collation of the willing,” launched an unprovoked attack on a small country 6,000 miles distant from Washington 3,000 miles from London. The illegal war began with our own description of a second sneak attack - reminiscent of first at Pearl Harbor - which was denominated by our Great Leader as a “decapitation strike!” Golly what a gruesome way to think about things in general. It is no wonder torture means nothing to that “think tank.” Nor collateral damage. The dismissive term we apply to all those 1000s of Iraqi non-combatants who have died when our bombs, rockets and artillery shells go awry. Perhaps 50% of our shots miss the intended target, but 100% of those missiles of death hit some target. Hey, we lost 2,700 dead in the Nine Eleven Event. That gave us the “right” to kill thousands around the world!

By May Day, May 1 in America, our Great Leader appeared in a custom tailored AF flight suit -$3,000? - dismounting from a 2 place Navy plane on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln - I’m sorry Mr Lincoln - under a sign ordered by Karl Rove, proclaiming “Mission Accomplished!”

The Great Leader permitted speculation by newscasters first that he, the one-time Air National Guard pilot, had landed the plane on the carrier’s deck.Sensing that was impossible, for an “amateur” pilot, he then left undefiled the story that he had held the stick on the flight in. Navy pilots got angry and said, “Ain’t no AWOL Air Guard ‘106' jock can land a real airplane on an aircraft carrier! Not in this life!”

Crushing the paper tiger Army of Saddam Hussein proved to be no more trouble that we had doing it in the First Gulf War. America’s own Gang of Four - Bush43, VP Cheney, the Oberfuhrer Herr Rumsfeld and the Birmingham Songbird Condo Rice - told our troops the Iraqi would welcome us with a flower strewn parade through the second or third oldest city on the planet, Baghdad. Reminiscent of our Liberation of Paris in 1944.

Then the resistance began. At first we did not know what was happening. Then our own soldiers and marines started getting KIA. As of today, we have 3.025 KIA and I don’t know how many Brits have died in this fiasco.

But what gives me encouragement is the strength and the courage shown by ordinary Iraqis. 34,000 were killed in 2006, according to the UN. But only 12,000 according the puppet government wearing under the oil driven constitution we wrote for them. Lackey and collaborators form the current governing body in Iraq. We tried to do this in Vietnam, but they would not stand for it. We are trying to again install a puppet regime in Iraq - Brits did that in the 1920s - but the Iraqis are not gong to stand for it again. This is their golden opportunity to be a free people, free from outside domination, whether it be from Washington, London, Tehran aor Damascus.

Every day I see suicide bombers who have killed dozens, and I then see every Iraqi around risking his life to help the dead and injured. I see this over and over. I see more and more policemen signing up, even though many are killed every week. I see Iraqi army people trying to compress a generation of soldiering into a few months training. Those who survive are great soldiers. All over Iraq, we see and hear of ordinary Iraqi who are heroic every day. Then we go into the Green Zone and find the scale civic leeches, the same rich bankers and contractors, stealing so much money they will have to use tractor-trailers to haul it out to Switzerland. The Bush43 government admits we are spending $2 billion a week in Iraq. Can you figure that? How can anyone spend $2 billion a week there? I mean honestly.

So, I say to every Iraqi - Stick to your guns. Someday you can be like the Vietnamese and you too, can be FREE! As they like to say in New Hampshire, “Live Free or Die!”

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 09:47 PM
Outstanding thread dowhite, outstanding.

I am always looking at Iraq from the bad side of the US influences in that nation . . . but you have given me a change to step and look from the side of the strong Iraqi people that wants to rule their nation own their own without intervention from the foreign powers.

It must be peachy for all the foreign contractors leeching the American tax payer money to retrieve in their Green Zones while Iraqi people and our soldiers put their lives in the line for them.

Shame on the present administration and their pursue of oil control, I also want to see Iraqi free, free from any influences.

When Iraqis be ready to give away their oil to whomever it wants to drill it . . . it should be the Iraqi people decision and not the emerging elite in the government of Iraq, been paid by the lobbyist working for rich oil companies of the US.

Keep fighting Iraqis your time will come when your resources will only be yours to decided what to do with them.

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posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 08:41 PM
I draw a fine line when it comes to "our troops." First off, any of them who WANT to be there, I REFUSE to support, any who are joining the military now, I REFUSE to support, those who were stuck in the military prior to invasion and want out, and have not commited crimes, and given half a chance would jump out, I will support. Those who WANT to stay, I REFUSE To support. Why? If they want to be there, do not want to leave, they are DIRECTLY supporting my enemy by being their mercenary force. The US military has become a strictly mercenary force, it fights for a party, not a people, it fights for self interests of a party, not the interests of a people.
I hope the Iraqis win soon, each day the air force destroys more of their nation and kills more of their people.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 09:13 PM

Under modern military engagement rules yes our military has failed.. because militaries where created to kill and maim and to destroy.. not guard street corners.

If we waged all out war..... what a tragedy that would be..

It was stupid trying to go to war with a country that was divided.. whos minority had suppressed the majority... it should have been obvious the Shiites had plenty of catching up to do.. it should have been obvious that Iran would be highly interested in having influence over Iraq.. and it should have been damn obvious that in every war there is a geurilla force... our military leaders failed.. I would not say our men did on the ground.. they just do what they are told.. they are military.. the kill..

But it wouldn't be the first time in history.. especially our history (american) that we failed to peasants. Vietnam.. Korea.. those come to mind.. even the United States beat the world military power with peasants in the revolutionary war. Perhaps our military leaders have failed and underestamated the power of a supressed people.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 02:01 AM
They fail so miserably because they are trained to take on someone who sits still like in WW1-WW2. They were trained to go into an area where there IS enemies an clear it out, not go into an area where the enemy comes and goes at will depending on whether or not they can win. Patheticaly the military thinks guirilla fighters are dumb enough to sit still when they make an all out assault, also if you just look at how they are trained in general, it is pathetic. Training you for the meat grinder as the saying goes barely says it when you look at the military, they give them giant packs of ammo and have so many ammo carries around because they cant hit anything. If you watch the "training" videos of marines and you just take the TARGET SIZE into consideration at 100-200 yards, and they still have a hard time, that explains it all. During WW2 they used the M1, and each person could SNIPE someone without much effort at 200 yards. They were all people from the backwoods and farms who knew how to shoot or were drilled on firing to the point each one was a sniper.
During Vietnam they adopted the "spray and pray" policy of just aim and shoot, and then pray it hits something.

Back on subject:
They lose every war because they are fighting a people, the people oppose them, Korea, Vietnam, etc. The people opposed them, they did not want them there, they were fighting occupiers who were raping, murdering, and destroying their nation not helping it. Most of Vietnam is now polluted with Agent Orange, and now Iraq and Afghanistan is polluted with Depleted Uranium. They only changed the "death potion" to one that is more sinister and lasts longer, and also travels by AIR not just water and soil/plants.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 08:45 AM
Sometimes I wonder if the reason also for the poor performance on some of the war that US has fought is due becasue they have been in foreign land where the people that they are fighting or liberating do not want them there to begin with.

I see Iraq as an opportunity for profits and a war that was brought to the Iraqis and forced into their lands, the Iraqis knows this.

Iraqis are not stupid, they also take advantage of the training US is giving them if they join the Iraqi Army and police, get armed and then turn against the our troops after they get their training.

Obviously I feel that US is training and arming the Iraqis so they can fight back.

The Iraqi affair is very complicated, based on nothing more than lies and deception, take over and power ridden private interest that now can not control the people and their struggles to get rid of the occupation.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 02:16 PM
A foreign land flat as a pancake... no cover in the open desert unless you burry yourself... yeah...
Here is the reason the US military looses:
An army is trained to win through annihilation, a guirilla army is trained to win through attrition, and by outsmarting their opponent.
WW2, annihilation, Germans sat in ONE SPOT and defended it, easy targets, Korea, less, Vietnam, almost none, Iraq, next to none. An army fights by going into a designated area and WIPING OUT everything there, just one catch, what happens if your opponent notices you and then up and leaves without firing a shot? They just come back another day... blow up a few jeeps... life goes on. The military is trained for WW1, WW2, Korea (sort of) type combat and DIRECT CONFRONTATION. That is all they know, that is why they hulk around so much ammo, one they are poorer shots that others in past history, and two, they think the enemy is going to STAY THERE and get hit with artillery and air strikes... yeah real smart...
I saw a British Documentary called "Iraq, mission accomplished" and one of the marines made a REALLY stupid statement about the Iraqi way of fighting: "They are cowards, they hit us then run away."
Well if fighting SMART makes you a coward, then call me a coward, I will fight SMART not DUMB. Vietnam was mostly hit and run, however they also embodied the WW1 tactic of line up and charge which they got from the French. That is why they lost so many, if they had NOT of lined up and charged and done wave tactics but WHITTLED the US down like the VC did most of the time, they would have had A LOT less losses. Vietnam lost 1/3 of its population, Iraq is going to lose FAR more than that, DU is going to kill them for the next 4.5 BILLION + years. This is the grandest scale of genocide the world has ever seen, it raged from Agent Orange in Vietnam which still kills their children to the use of DU NOT ONLY in Iraq, Afghanistan, but also in Yugoslavia and everywhere else the US has bombed. Hitler would be rolling in his grave right now pleeding with fate for WHY WAS HE NOT PUT IN THE USA!

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 03:12 PM
Vekar In my opinion you are completely wrong.

Ordinary Iraqis are not stopping the USA cold. This is more like a veiled rhetoric post of anti America.

Some people may have been to Iraq first hand on either side and see what is really going on. (in that particular area.) And not reading websites or news with slants taking shots from a computer.

If you really care don't complain. Do something about it. Some of us have. If not keep up mr Anti America and sit at your computer.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 03:26 PM
Yeah Donwhite, encourage the resistance to terrorize the Iraqi population with more car bombs in markets, mosques, funerals, schools, etc. That should teach those collaborators.

posted on Jan, 21 2007 @ 08:21 PM
I have been waiting on people like sbob and donwhite to show up, first off, I do take action, second off, I am not anti-American like you bashers would falsely accuse me of, I was born in America, I love the ideals this nation used to stand for however they are GONE. This nation stands for murder, rape, and pillaging other nations under the guise of freedom all the while saying the USA is a free nation when it is NOT. I find it amusing the people who like to bash others when they are not 100% pro-US policy, call them anti-american and the like. Oh well! BACK TO THE SUBJECT!

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