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The Classified Conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 04:32 AM
Here's an article I copied from our local newspaper (I knew there was more to some movies than meets the eye
but this information really shocked me):

The Classified Conspiracy

Classified is an international motion picture project produced by Mischa Oehlen Films in association with several co-producers. Among the executive producers are Mischa Oehlen himself and screenwriter Drazen Zigic.

According to the synopsis the story reveals a worldwide mind-control conspiracy. The official website also drops the names of other conspiracy theories like N.W.O. / H.A.A.R.P. / EMF/SATEL / The Alderson Agency / secret scienctific research and genetic engineering experiments on Humans.

This may seem like a rather innocent commercial Hollywood production and has already been compared to pictures like Mission: Impossible, The Matrix and the TV-series Pretender and Dark Angel. However some suspicious notes have to be made to the figures orchestrating this project:

1. Drazen Zigic. Screenwriter, investor and executive producer.

Mr. Zigic was born July 1983 in Bosnia and was involved in the Balkan wars in the nineties but according to the Balkan press there is no proof he actually took part of the war rumour has it he moved temporarily to Germany shortly before the outbreak of the war and that he has 4 ID’s and 3 different passports. During later stages of the war he kept moving through all of the Balkan countries. The reason for this continues movement is entirely unknown but fact is that Mr. Zigic has various connections in Germany. Zigic went back to Germany later 2 times with different personal documents. During his last journey he was already working on Classified.

Inside sources tell that Mr. Zigic was very specific about certain marketing details and script details because he said the truth need to be told as it was. Drazen Zigic also advised strong caution towards releasing information about the project especially information about cast- and crewmembers and also specifically about the locations and studios contracted on this project. Fact is that a studio has already been chosen by Mischa Oehlen Films. Fact is that the name of this studio and the location are classified information. Also various stars have been secretly contacted by Mischa Oehlen Films. (According to a Hollywood inside there has been a mysterious phone call in December 2005 with Geyer Gosinksi, the agent of Angelina Jolie.)

Another suspicious theory is that Drazen Zigic is a virtual person. He has created various screenplays but is entirely unknown except for his presence on the internet. Fact is he is nowher to be found on IMDB. Fact is Mischa Oehlen was working on a screenplay similar to Classified called Hidden Truth and abruptly stopped working on the screenplay at the same time Drazen Zigic appeared in the screenwritersworld. Fact is that all legal document for the sale of the screenplay of Classified where send back and forth by mail: Mischa Oehlen and Drazen Zigic never met each other in person.

Last but not least it is very rare that a screenwriter has a large investment in a production if not being the producer or director.

(to be continued)

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 04:33 AM

2. Mischa Oehlen. Director, producer, executive producer, investor and CEO of Mischa Oehlen Films.

Mr. Oehlen was born in the Netherlands, birthdat unknown, some says he’s in his 50’s but only a single photo of him at younger age is shown on the official website. Fact is that he knows more then most people of fifty and his IQ would score 230 if he actually was in his 20’s.

Mr. Oehlen is said to be a Rosicrucian. Fact is his father is an active rosecrucian and a reknown sculptor working only for the supremely elite. There is no record however of Mischa Oehlen being a Rosicrucian, but there aren’t many records of him at all.

Mr. Oehlen seems to have certain knowledge about martial arts that can’t be learnt in your local dojo or sports-club. He is also known to be able to disappear or suddenly appear behind your back without noticing it and is able to execute lethal one-hit strikes. There are various rumours of Mr. Oehlen having a past a spy and as secret agent.

Mr. Oehlen also has connection with various government and has been involved in conducting social, didactical and psychological experiments.

Various Rosecrucians who have met Mr. Oehlen claim that he is a very strong psychic and some even say he is a partially telekinetic.

All this information throws a dark shadow over the Classified project. What is really going on? Nobody knows.

Maybe the secrets they present are in fact true and either Drazen Zigic or Mischa Oehlen has witnessed their practice or maybe this entire project is another elaborate form of mind control.

One thing is for sure: the project is big, a rough 85 million US dollars are pumped into the project.

Lea O. M. Cruz

posted on Jan, 18 2007 @ 04:43 AM
This thread accidentally posted in the wrong forum, but I could not move or delete the article so I continued the article here. If the administrator is around please move this to the General Discussion forum.

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