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Hezzbolah in America!

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posted on Jan, 16 2007 @ 07:33 PM
Was watching O'reily for humor value on FAUX. And they are doing a story in the next few days on Hexxbolah in America. I couldn't find too much more on this idea besidesthis artical about whats to come.

My question, why are we as american accepting this as an inevitability? Hezzbolah was created after the Israeli war with Lebonnon & Palestinian to created a resistence against their illegal occupation. Sure they are funded by Iran, but their passion lies with Isreal. If they attack US soil what would be said of it?

The terrrorist struck again? We must give up more of our rights to protect you people from the chaos that we started?

What will it take for americans to understand the cause & effect of reality? Complete distruction and then reflect on how it all happened? The answers are right in front of us bit like all "stage-mothers" our country can do nothing wrong, and I will contunue to swallow each line of rhetoric.

Ask people what turns a terrorist into a terrorist and see what answers you get. All malarcky. The hate freedom. They hate christians. They are against us. All of those are wrong. They were once oppressed and their lives uprooted, and eventually succummed to their urge for revenge. Listen, I've heard parents tell their kids to only punch back if there is no other alternative. Why don't we extend the same principals to everyone else?


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